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Knoxville’s Original CrossFit Facility

Get the body you want with the functionality and capability needed to succeed at life. Through a mixture of bodybuilding, basic gymnastics, high intensity training, endurance work, and weightlifting; we’ve developed a system that not only helps you dominate life, it helps you look amazing while doing so.

By following our proven process, we can guarantee that you the results you deserve. Come by for a free work out or sit down with a coach for a one on one intro session and pick a track based on your goals.

Plan on exercising at least five days per week, eating clean foods, and developing a positive attitude towards life.

Work hard, have fun, repeat!

Real Results for Real People

Stop making excuses. Start making progress.

Our Facilities

As a CFK Athlete, you have access to both our locations: CrossFit Knoxville West (Cedar Bluff) and CrossFit Knoxville North (7 minutes from downtown on 75N). Our convenient schedule offers over 100 classes per week to accommodate even the most hectic schedule.

Once you become a part of the CrossFit Knoxville family you will enjoy extras not available at most facilities, Nutrition Workshops, Movement Clinics and special events and competitions to keep you challenged and current.

At CrossFit Knoxville we embrace ALL of the fitness community and have Specialty classes and programs with expert specialty coaches to help you reach your full potential in all aspects. Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Competitive CrossFit, and our very own CFK Endurance Program. Whether you want to dominate life, the trail, or the platform we have you covered!

  • As the class of about 15 gathered together around the TV to discuss the workout, everyone greeted each other warmly and made a point to introduce themselves to me. The coach walked us through every part of class before we got started on our warm up; from the warm up, to the WOD and scaling options, to our cooldown, we knew exactly what we would be doing during our hour-long class. This is something I have never experienced at any other gym and I thought it was phenomenal; it not only helps participants prepare for the class ahead mentally but it could help coaches with time management and perhaps keep classes more consistent if this is something that all coaches do. https://boxjumping.net/2017/11/29/crossfit-knoxville-north/

    Ellie from @BoxJumping.net

  • I've been at this gym for almost 2 months now and the progress in my fitness I've made is incredible. All the coaches are extremely knowledgable and great at cueing you just when you need it. They are also willing to help and scale any newcomers or people who have concerns. They have tons of different programming and really focus on correct movement patterns, which is important for seeing growth and preventing injury. Nutrition seminar really helped me out as well. Good people good place. Check it out

    Mark Inge

  • This is, without a doubt, the finest Crossfit I have attended in the entire country. I travel a ton, and I'm always searching for a good box. I'll bet I've been to 50. Nothing compares to CFK. NOTHING. The coaching is incredible -- and so involved/active. The programming is thoughtful and logical. And, the members are friendly, supportive and normal. This is the box by which I measure every box...and, they all come up short. If you live in Knoxville or get the chance to drop in -- DO IT! It will change your life. It changed mine

    Denise Conroy