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Burn is our newest fast-paced functional training program. It’s CrossFit, without complexity! Great for beginners and advanced athletes alike.

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See what our fantastic members have to say.

  • My lower back problems are (now) non-existent!

    From swimming, softball, and basketball to volleyball, track, and golf, I was always active. I even tried tennis until I inadvertently hit my Mom in the he

    annette brun
    Annette Bruns success story
  • I feel like a true athlete for the first time in my life

    After working with a couple of personal trainers, I dropped about 60 pounds and 3 pant sizes. Sure, I had a smaller frame and could do burpees for days and

    becca bowen
    Becca Bowens success story
  • I feel more alive and able to take on whatever comes my way.

    Mike: "When I started Crossfit my resting pulse was about 65, Triglycerides were a bit north of 300, and Total Cholesterol was 210. BP was ok at 115/70.

    mike & harriet glassman
    Mike & Harriet Glassmans success story
  • Bored with my own Routines

    I had always done my own thing in the gym and followed my own routines. I would workout on my own and stop when I felt like I had done enough. It was easy

    danya cushing
    Danya Cushings success story
  • I have lost over 50 pounds since I started at CrossFit Knoxville

    CrossFit Knoxville, had a huge impact on my life. I am stronger and healthier now than I was in college. I owe the positive changes to the great coaching a

    phillip johnson
    Phillip Johnsons success story
  • This year has been fruitful with lots of little victories.

    My Name is Gerardo AKA “Gerry” Boquin.  I joined Crossfit Knoxville about a year or so ago. During this time, I have learned a lot about myself, pa

    gerardo “gerry” boquin
    Gerardo “Gerry” Boquins success story
  • I’m definitely stronger than I’ve ever been

    Physically, I’ve lost 75 lbs. and I’m definitely stronger than I’ve ever been. But outside of that, CrossFit has broken me out of so many comfort zo

    kim garvin
    Kim Garvins success story
  • All of the coachesat CFK encouraged me to keep coming even when I was on my knee scooter and couldn't put any weight on my leg.

    I had been runing and doing classes at the YMCA but it was just getting monotonous and I got bored.  I pretty much lost all motivation to workout.  I was

  • Everyday, no matter what kind of day I'm having, I leave better than I came.

    I had been going to a globo gym for acouple of years and doing the classic the back and bi, chest and tri thing with 40 minutes on the elliptical.  That g

    spencer smith
  • This has become my community where I get to be me and be the best version of me so I can go home and be the best mom and wife I can be.

    I had been at CrossFit Knoxville about six years ago but I drifted away after I met my husband, got pregnant and life happened.  When I did get pregnant f

  • Everyone has fears and doubts but just walk through the door.

    Matt - What led me to CrossFit was frustrations with regular workouts.  You go into a gym to ride an exercise bike or elliptical and you're supposedly get

    matt and carol
  • I know I have accomplished something good everyday

    I started CrossFit for a few reasons.  I had been working out on my own but I didn't really know what I was doing so I wanted some structure.  I also saw

  • (Before CFK) It was difficult for me to go to the gym and find the intensity I needed.

    I am in the military and fitness is a big part of that.  It was difficult for me to go to the gym and find that intensity I needed to get fit.  It's also

  • CFK is for everybody. I had hangups about what I thought it was but now I'm a completely different person.

    I started CrossFit for health reasons; I had high blood pressure and was over weight.  My family is unhealthy as well with high blood pressure, weight iss

    terry keltner
  • I know that I don't have to roll out of bed in pain, which I was doing prior to CFK.

    In 2014 I took a trip to Bryce, Zion, and Grand Canyon National Park to go hiking with my good friend Crystal.  For two months prior  I started exercisin

    dionne boswell
  • Having coach support like that is pretty amazing

    I had been running on my own and I looked to CrossFit to add a new dimension.  Shortly after I joined I got involved with the endurance program taught by

  • I joined CFK in October. I really had no idea what to expect. I had previously thought that CrossFit was synonymous with “getting injured.”

     don’t know if I had gone to another CrossFit gym that I would have joined, or kept going. CrossFit Knoxville gets the important things right; and

    Jessicas success story
  • Being the front woman of a metal band is what brought me to CFK.

    Metal is a very energetic type of music. In front of a crowd, we need to bring it. Nobody wants to see a singer who gets out of breath while pacing on the

    julie belanger-roy
    Julie Belanger-Roys success story

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