World’s Largest Kid’s Party!

Hey CFK! On June 10, we’re excited to be participating in Knoxville’s Largest Kid’s Party for the third year in a row, and this year we’re hoping to make the biggest impression yet! To do this, we need your help!


On Saturday, June 10 over 8,000 kids and parents will descend on World’s Fair Park to enjoy a day of games, shows and excitement. CFK will be hosting an event booth for the youngsters, where we’ll feature games such as med ball tosses, tire flips, sled pulls, and much more!


To accommodate all the traffic, we’re asking for 8-10 volunteers to come out for a few hours in the morning or afternoon to help provide support and encouragement to the kids participating at our booth.


Time slots where volunteers are needed are as follows:


11am-1pm: 3 Volunteers

1pm-4pm: 3 Volunteers

4pm-7pm: 3 Volunteers

*Volunteers and families receive free access to all event activities before or after your shift!


If you’d like to help, we would greatly appreciate it! Simply email Rick ([email protected]) with your preferred time slot and he’ll be in touch!


Thanks in advance!