Which Omega 3 to take?

Have you heard that you should take fish oil and just don’t know what kind?


Maybe you picked some up at a big store because it touted thousands of milligrams of fish oil…


That’s not the whole story.


What you are actually looking for is EPA and DHA, omega 3 fatty acids.  Many of those suppliers may say they have 1000mg or more of fish oil, but only around 300mg is combined EPA and DHA.  Not so cost effective now!


Another problem is knowing where the fish come from.  Haven’t we all heard that we should eat more fish throughout the week, but not so much as to get mercury poisoning?  Who wants mercury poisoning?!?!


Most of that mercury can be found in fish that were either farmed other poor conditions, or large fish that have lived a long life accumulating more mercury from their environment and eating other fish that have mercury in them.


Ideally, you want small fish that have a short life and fast reproduction.  This way they are more sustainable and have a shorter time to accumulate all that unwanted mercury.


At CFK we carry two different brands of fish oil to fit your needs:  Puroi and SFH.  In the past we were able to say that one was in a liquid form and one was in a capsule form, but now BOTH companies carry both options, so it may not be quite that easy anymore!



Both SFH and Puori are on point.  SFH uses Alaskan Pollock, Sardines, Herring, and Anchovies sourced in cold water up North.  Puori uses just wild anchovies from the Pacific Ocean in South America where there are generally better fishing practices.  Both companies have received certifications from the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) Program for sustainable practices.



Again, both companies care about the quality they give you.  SFH performs cold extraction for their oils immediately after the fish are caught.  Puori puts their fish oil back into triglyceride form to increase absorption in the body.



SFH capsules are enteric coated, meaning they will bypass your stomach and get into your system faster.  Puori uses dark soft gels to prevent oxidation of the fish oil.


SFH liquid form is highly concentrated, comes in four flavors, and includes 1000 IUs of Vitamin D3.  Puori combines their liquid with MCTs and antioxidants from Rosemary to add to the flavor and reduce inflammation.



SFH Liquid provides 3.5 grams in 1 tsp, and caps provide 3 grams in 4 caps.

Puori Liquid provides 1.8 grams in 1 tsp, and caps provide 1.7 grams in 3 caps.


What should you take?

That’s up to you!  Both are great products, and while one does provide more overall omega 3’s than the other, that doesn’t mean it’s for you.  In the end, you can’t go wrong as long as you’re taking one of them.