Where will we see you in 2018?

Hey CFK,


2018 is right around the corner and we’ve got a whole slew of cool events and competitions scheduled to help further your fitness and expand your capabilities in the new year.


Check out four upcoming competitions, as well as two specialty workshops we have scheduled for early 2018 below!

But first, a bit about competing…


Performed the correct way and taken with the right attitude (add in a pinch of humility), a little competition can be great for multiple reasons. First, it’s a test of your fitness. Testing is an important part of your year-round training program. It shouldn’t be done every day or even every week, but regular testing can show you how you’ve improved over the year while identifying areas of focus in the new year.


Additionally, occasional competing will push you to places you wouldn’t normally reach in an every-day WOD. That extra 3-5% that you’ll give, that you may not even know you had, will propel you to new PR’s and previously unknown limits. The mental edge gained from pushing to these limits will elevate your ability to train at your threshold, yielding better results throughout the year.


Third, and most importantly of all, nothing of significance is achieved inside your comfort zone! All competitions we run at CFK are friendly to beginners and veterans alike, so no matter your skill level we have options for you. Whether you’ve just started training, or you’re looking to crack the top page of the CrossFit Games leaderboard, we highly encourage you to get a little uncomfortable, and grab 2018 by the barbells!


Check out these four upcoming competitions, as well as the two specialty workshops we have scheduled in early 2018!



Row’d Royalty – January 11 – February 5 (Both Locations)


One workout each week for 4 weeks involving the rowing machine and only the rowing machine. Friday nights, we’ll shut the gyms down and schedule heats for you to come in and throw down under the Friday Night Lights! Read more and register HERE.


Weightlifting Mock Meet – Sunday, January 14 (West Location)


PR your snatch and clean & jerk in front of the crowd! It’s totally free and open to all athletes. You’ll get 3 attempts at each lift, heaviest weight counts! Read up on the meet and register HERE.


CF2: CrossFit for Cystic Fibrosis – Saturday, February 10 (West Location)


It’s back! This is a friendly partner competition to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation here in Knoxville. Registration is $35/person and 100% of profits go toward fighting CF and helping those with the disease. Read more and register HERE.


CrossFit Open & CFK Games – February 22 – March 31 (Both Locations)


This is the big one! If you’ve participated in the past, you know how much fun this is. One workout every week for 5 weeks, followed by our annual CFK Games throwdown! The CrossFit Games will release the workout each week on Thursday, and you’ll have until Monday to submit your score. There are 2 versions of each workout, scaled and Rx’d, making it an all-inclusive test of your fitness! Stay tuned for more details to be released late January, and read more about the CrossFit Open HERE!

Specialty Workshops


Handstand workshop with Jordan Garcia – Saturday, January 13 (North Location)


Learn from one of the best handstand performers around! Check out all of the details and register HERE!


Boxing workshop with coach Frank Eppolito  – Saturday, February 3 (North Location)


Throw some jabs, crosses, and uppercuts with coach Frank Eppolito! Coach Eppolito owns and operates Eppolito boxing gym in North Knoxville where he trains athletes of all levels in the “Sport of Kings”. Read more and register HERE!