Week in Preview – October 31, 2016

Let’s start off with a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in and helped out with Barbells For Boobs this year!  We had a great turnout, a lot of fun, some PRs, and raised some serious money for a great cause.  Here’s looking to next year!

Don’t forget, this Friday evening is Friday Night Lights at North.  We’ll be participating in the CrossFit Liftoff.  This is a test of a 1RM Snatch, 1 RM Clean and Jerk, and a workout to follow that will be released Thursday night.  Just like we do with the open, if you want to just come out and participate, feel free!  If you want to post your score online and see how your fitness ranks worldwide it’s only $10 to register.  See a coach for more details.

Now, to the week!

Monday – “Nasty Girls

Let’s start off with a CrossFit Throwback. CrossFit has come a LONG way since this time, but this is one of those old school workouts like Fran and Helen. We’ve got plenty of scaling options, but the goal here is to compete!  Fast times are around 7 min, average should be 10-12.  Scale appropriately!

Tuesday – Gymnastics movements and 400m runs.  Who could ask for more?

This is a grinder. Lean is all bodyweight and continuously moving; strong adds weight and gets to rest occasionally.

Wednesday – Back squat day!

Try not to miss back squats! If you do, try to get them in another day.  Back squats are crucial to our overall performance.  Following squats everyone has some “accessory” work to flush out those legs, work on stability, and get the blood flowing a little bit.

Thursday – Throwback Thursday to the MedBall Clean!

Have you done a medball clean before? It’s a pretty cool movement and we don’t’ see them a lot, but you’ll get a lot of practice with them today!  1 km buy in on the rower, then a few rounds of cleans and rope turns.

Friday – Red Friday in honor of Army Staff Sgt. Mark O. Edwards

5 rounds of 3 minutes of work and 1 minute of rest. Your whole body is going to be worked in this one.  Pick weights so that you can cycle quickly and go unbroken.  Remember, you get some rest!

Saturday – Partner Saturday!

Grab you partner and work through a variation on Diane. Instead of setting a number of reps, you’ll have a set amount of time to get as many reps as possible of each movement.  The grip will really get worked today as we follow with a team workout involving toes to bar and rope climbs.  Wear long socks or pants if you can, but you’re always welcome to do some legless rope climbs!