Week in Preview – Oct 17, 2016

One more week until Barbells for Boobs! If you haven’t registered yet, or created a donation page make sure to check out all of the event details here: http://crossfitknoxville.com/barbell-boobs-2016/

On to this week’s programming…

Monday:  We’re revisiting deadlifts this week for strength AND conditioning.  We’ll be working up to a heavy double for strength (double overhand only!), then take some weight off and have a traditional 21-15-9 to smoke out your grip. Lots o’ deadlifts today, so make sure to take time and mobilize the posterior chain pre AND post-WOD

Tuesday:  Tank Top Tuesday!  Get ready to work those shoulders and arms.  We’re taking a cue from one of CrossFit’s favorite girl WODs and modifying it for strength.  The focus today is on strict movement patterns.

Wednesday:  Get your battle buddy for today’s workout.  You’ll be alternating rounds with a partner with some running and sandbag cleans.  If you’re doing strong we’ll sub farmer’s carry’s for runs. Can you say grip burner?!

Thursday:  Throwback Thursday with some back squats!  We’ve still got 3×5 going on, but if you’ve been squatting on the other option, get ready to grind.  You’ll have a set number of reps to achieve at bodyweight, in as few sets as possible. After that we’ve got Rowling, aka Rower Bowling.  10×100 m sprints on the rower, but try to make it perfect because every extra meter you accumulate over or under adds up to a penalty! Can you guess what the penalty is? Come on, take one guess…

Friday:  Our Hero Wod this week will be Nate. You may have seen a version of this at CrossFit Regionals this year! Don’t worry about all the advance movements, we’ll have plenty of modifications for the gymnastics movements.

Saturday:  If today isn’t your rest day, get ready for the Hateful 8.  It’s a chipper with 8 different movements, plus running to break up the work!  Get in to start your weekend off right.