Week in Preview – Oct. 10, 2016

It’s that time of the month again – time for Friday Night Lights! October FNL will be held at West this Friday starting at 6:45pm. Teams will be same-gender partner in the Sport, Rx, Scaled, Masters and Masters Scaled divisions. Let a coach know ASAP if you’d like to participate, and plan to stay after for drinks and shenanigans! (location TBD)

Anyone’s legs sore from last week? Yes? You did it right then. Why so many squats you ask? Simply put, the squat has the single highest “return on investment” of any movement. Improve your squat and everything else comes up with it. We’re talking better mobility & joint health, increased metabolism, more muscle tone, PLUS the increased strength will allow you to go longer and harder during conditioning pieces.

If you find you’re particularly sore from last week, try increasing your water intake (Pro-tip: add a pinch of sea salt for electrolytes, and drink a glass IMMEDIATELY upon waking up in the morning – have it ready on your bedside table). Spend a little more time after class stretching, smashing and foam rolling, and ask a coach for ideas on how to hit those sore spots. Remember, as always, movement is the best medicine.

On to this week’s training:

Monday: Overhead (Press, Push Press, Push Jerk) + Running – This will look familiar, but we’ve increased the run distance for better shoulder recovery in between rounds (you’re welcome). Scale weight to go fast and unbroken. The key here is UNBROKEN – don’t worry as much about hitting the Rx button today. Pick the correct weight for you and dominate it!

Tuesday: Paused Squats + Conditioning – don’t skip squat day! (See above) – Make sure to stick around after class and do some foam rolling on those quads

Wednesday: Tabata – fast, explosive movements all around; bring your inner linebacker with you! No Rx weights today, just movements. Lean will aim for higher reps with lighter weight, while Strong will try to move heavy weights quickly at low rep counts.

Thursday: Snatch Skill & Strength – this is a day to get better! We’ll spend a lot of time drilling movements and positioning with the snatch and the overhead squat, and gradually adding weight over a 20:00 EMOM. Lean has the option of getting the heart rate up a bit, while Strong’s only focus is the barbell.

RED Friday: We’ll honor Corporal Cameron Stewart Baird, VC MG today with “The Ensign” – Similar to “The Chief” from a few weeks ago, but with a slightly evil twist.

See you on the other side of the bar.