Week in Preview – January 23rd, 2017

Have you seen the news?  We’ve got tickets for an Ice Bears game in February!  E-mail Coach Scott if you want tickets!  Only 31 spots available.

We’ve been doing a lot of CrossFit Open workouts and a lot of rowing the last few weeks.  We hope you’re excited about all this!  There’s even more in store for the coming weeks.

Be sure that you get your rowing workout in and submit it to Coach Rick so we can see who hosts the afterparty and who hosts the CFK Games!

Monday – Open WOD 12.3

18 min AMRAP of Box Jumps, Shoulder to Overhead, and Toes to Bar!  Lots of reps today.  Don’t go too fast out of the gate.

Tuesday – Barbell Cycling

Work that grip; work those legs.  Part 1 is a 3-2-1 of Power clean, Front Squat, Thruster, and Jerks.  As the reps go down, the weight goes up.  This is meant to be fast and unbroken.  Part 2 is a tabata of push-ups and hollow holds.  The hollow hold should help you keep your abs turned on during the push-ups.

Wednesday – Back Squats and GST

3 RM back squat, followed by a 1:00 AMRAP at 60%!  Follow up with some Gymnastics Strength Training with L-sits, strict TTB, and some kipping TTB work.

Thursday – Chipper day

Work through a chipper with row/bike, double under, Medball cleans, and Handstand Push-ups.  The reps are high, and you have to finish one before you move on to the next.

Friday – EMOM for…

a long time.  But there is rest this time!  Alternate Power Snatches, Bar facing Burpees, Abmat sit-ups, and chest to bar pull-ups, plus a minute of rest.  Be ready to scale reps today and just keep moving!

Saturday – Partner day

Alternate full rounds with your partner until you each get 5 rounds.  5 muscle-ups, 15 shoulder to overhead changing weight, and calorie row.  The weights on the bar go up through the third round, then back down!  Stay fast.

The Open is coming!  And so is the competition season for all of CrossFit!  The Open is a great opportunity to check in with your fitness and movement quality.  Measurable.  Observable.  Repeatable.  That’s what we’re looking for in workouts.  Be honest with yourself, push yourself, and let’s have a fun week ahead!

See you on the floor.

Coach Scott