Week in Preview – January 16th, 2017

The 2017 Challenge Series at CFK is off to a great start!  Week 2 of Row’d Royalty has taken us from short rower sprints to a medium distance row.  That’s right, medium distance!  If you weren’t able to join us today for the row, make sure you get your row in and e-mail scores to Coach Rick!

We’ve also seen our first retest of an Open workout and registration for the Crossfit Open has officially opened!  We hope you’ll sign up and participate in the Open this year, and get excited for the CFK Games!

The CrossFit Open is a yearly competition for CrossFit athletes all around the world.  Anyone can enter.  Anyone has the chance to go to the CrossFit Games.  There is no other competition like it in the world!  For 5 weeks beginning the end of February, a new workout will be released every Thursday night and athletes have until Monday evening to do the workout and submit their scores.

We’ve already seen one workout from last year, 16.3.  We saw PRs all over the gym!  This week we have two more tests from 2016!

In addition to rowing and CrossFit, Coach Mary is starting up her 2017 half-marathon training!  Spaces are limited, so check out the blog post and contact her if you’re interested!

Monday – 16.2

Start off the week with the second workout from 2016:  16.2.  In 4 minutes, 25 toes-to-bar, 50 double unders, 15 squat cleans at 135/85.  If you finish in 4 minutes, continue on to 25, 50, and 13 squat cleans at 185/115!  The toes-to-bar and double unders stay the same, the weight on the bar keeps going up and the reps going down.  Scale this workout so that you can get 3 full rounds in!

Tuesday – Deadlift Day

7 sets of 3 reps on Deadlifts today.  Work up to something challenging today.  If you find your max too early, back down and get some volume in.  After that, handstand work!

Wednesday – Chipper AMRAP

Muscle ups, wall balls, and more rowing!  Chip away as much as you can in 12 minutes, then repeat!  This may not have been an Open workout before, but it certainly looks like it could be one!

Thursday – Power Snatch Under Fatigue

Three rounds of running, box jumps, and power snatches.  Finish fast; once completed find a 1 RM power snatch before the 22:00 mark.

Friday – 16.1!  With some adjustments

If you did the CrossFit Open last year, you will no doubt remember 16.1.  20 min AMRAP with Overhead walking lunges, bar facing burpees, overhead walking lunges, and chest to bar pull-ups.  We’ll alter it a little bit with step back lunges instead of walking.  Get excited!

Saturday – Partner Day!

This one’s a doozy!  Each partner completes a full round before the other partner goes.  Each partner will complete 3 rounds of 10 ground to overhead, and 5 shuttle runs.  Rest 3 minutes, then alternate 3 rounds of 10 deadlifts and shuttle runs.  Move fast, tag out!

This is primetime in the world of CrossFit and we’re so happy you’re experiencing it with CFK!  Let’s crush the 2017 Challenge Series together and set some great benchmarks for the year!

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

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