Week in Preview – December 12, 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out to our holiday party this weekend!  We had a blast with lots of fun and games.  We’ve got another special treat for you this week!


PROGENEX:  One of the top supplement companies for CrossFit and Weightlifting is coming to a box near you!  Namely, CrossFit Knoxville.


We will be having a demo day for the Progenex products at both of our locations.

Monday the 12th @ North

Tuesday the 13th @ West


Get ready to learn a lot about supplementation and get some tasty samples.  Remember, we stress our bodies every day and they cannot adapt and grow without proper recovery.


Now let’s see what the week has in store for you!

Monday – Cleaning things up!

5 sets of 5 power cleans.  Work your way up to something challenging.  Your focus is on proper form and positioning.  Remember:  Feet and hands hit at the same time.  Follow that up with 3 rounds of Rowing/running/skiing/biking in any duet you want!  If you’re at North, grab that Progenex after class!

Tuesday – Leg day

5 rounds.  Front squats, wall balls, jump squats, and box jumps.  Make sure you get some stretching and smashing after class.  If you’re at West, make sure you get your Progenex sample to ease some of the pain!

Wednesday – Burpees and Thrusters!

Two of CrossFit’s most dreaded movements, but that’s because they work you so hard.  10 rounds alternating with 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest.  Push hard, get 8-10 reps each interval.

Thursday – Gymnastics practice and weightlifting

We’ve got some handstand variations at the beginning of class that will be a lot of fun.  Then split jerks!  7 sets to find something heavy.  Focus on freezing on your catch early on.  It will save a heavy weight in the long run.

Friday – Another long one!

Long aerobic conditioning is important, and  you’ve seen a bit of it lately.  8 rounds of a 400 m run, some kettle bell swings, pullups, and double unders.  Almost like a triple Helen, but with jump rope…

Saturday – Partner day!

Choose wisely!  Two rounds of 5×3 minute AMRAPs!  Row/bike, push jerks, box jump overs, handstand pushups, and power cleans.  Get all the reps you can!

Coming up next week!  Friday Night Lights and the return of a classic holiday workout.  Will  you finish?!  Stay tuned for further details!


See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott