Week In Preview, September 6th, 2020

“Normal people will accomplish normal things.” 

-Louie Simmons

Weekly Class Schedule

Monday, September 7th – Labor Day

Normal Schedule at Both Locations

Friday, September 11th – 9/11 Tribute WOD

Normal Schedule at Both Locations, all classes will perform 9/11 WOD




Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Benchmark Hero WOD “Wade” (Normal Class Schedule at Both Locations)

We’ll be cashing in and cashing out today with a lengthy run. We’ll be shedding lots of performance puddles as we crush four rounds of strict movement. Our workout will sandwich two 12oo meter running intervals on top of strict pull-ups, dips, and handstand push-ups. Our goal is to find a pace on the run that will allow us to finish in less than 7 minutes or less.


Tuesday – 2RM Deadlift + Double Bell Bro-Down

Our first test of the week after last week’s deload will come in the form of the deadlift. Since today’s lift requires a trip back to the floor it is critical to keep upper back tension throughout the entire lift. The kettlebell gods have blessed us with an awesome double AMRAP today. We’ll find a challenging weight today that will allow us to perform suitcase kettlebell lunges and double kettlebell Russian swings unbroken in our double AMRAP.


Wednesday  – 2RM Strict Press + Box Jump Pump

We’ll kick class off with a 2 rep max strict press. If you thought today was going to be all about shoulders you were wrong! Our workout includes a high volume box jump and push presses that will have your quads screaming from set 1. There will be no where to hide in this workout. At ” 3..,2..,1.. , Go!”, it’s off to the races!


Thursday  – 2RM Back Squat + Pop and Drop

We’ll be getting under some heavy weights this week in our squat. We’ll be performing a 2 rep max back squat followed by a spicy EMOM of dumbbell hang squat cleans and burpees. We’ll test hard at the beginning of class, and have a great training day in our conditioning.


Friday  – 9/11 Tribute WOD

Most of us remember this fateful day in American history like it was yesterday. We will honor the memory of American citizens, firemen, police officers, and the innocent by-standers that lost their lives 19 years ago in the attacks. The weights and rep scheme of this workout correspond with important numbers associated with this day. We’ll have lots of barbells and gymnastics to crush in their memory!


Saturday  – Crossfit/Lvl 2

We’ll take a step back in today’s Crossfit class from testing. If you’ve been missing gymnastics then this workout will not disappoint. We’ve got bar muscle-ups, double-unders, knees to elbows, and hand-release pushups planned for our conditioning. If you’re taking our level 2 class we’ve added one more test of raw strength! Level 2 will have a 1 rep max clean and jerk. Good luck and be quick under the bar!


Saturday – Burn Class

Unilateral stability counts in the gym and in life. Today we’ll test our grip and core in a workout that will challenge our midline stability. We have double unders, ring rows, farmer’s carries, and planks in today’s 30 minute sweat session.


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