Week In Preview, September 29th, 2019

“Working hard for something we do not care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion.”

-Simon Sinek





Supplement Spotlight

Puori “Daily 3”

There is a reason we finish off every foundations class with a product sampling of the Puori 03, D3, and M3.  03 is an all around must have in any supplement stash because of its well known ability to reduce inflammation, its role in healthy heart function, and its facilitation of hair growth. D3 is critical to athletes because it improves calcium absorption in the intestines.D3 assist calcium in the creation of more dense bones as they recover from our hard workouts . Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to depression, muscle pain, and premature hair loss. M3 is vital to muscle and nerve function because of its important role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in muscle tissue. ATP, as we all learned in biology class is the energy currency of the cell! Magnesium is responsible for supplying the muscles with a steady stream of that invaluable energy source during strenuous exercise.

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Upcoming Events


2-week free promo for October Bring-a-Friend Friday!

This was such a hit last time that we’re rolling it back for this month’s Bring-a-Friend Friday! All guests who show up for this week’s BAFF or the community WOD this weekend will receive a 2-week free coupon to use anytime during the month of October! Let’s spread the word and spread the fitness this week y’all!

Crossover Symmetry

Whether you want to PR your snatch or just get rid of a little shoulder pain, the Crossover Symmetry program can help you out! Jus 5 minutes a day will get you bulletproof shoulders that are durable, stable, and hella strong! Here are the two upcoming October dates:
Upcoming Crossover Class Dates:
Saturday, October 5 @ 8am (North location)
Saturday, October 19 @ 8am (West location)



Weekly WODs

Monday – Quasimodo Monday!!!

We are opening the week up again with dead-lifts. We have 3 sets of interval running, box jump overs, wall balls, and Touch and Go dead-lifts with a heavy weight.


Tuesday – Don’t Forget your Grips

Our conditioning workout for today will test our ability alternating between dynamic and strict movements. Today’s WOD includes power snatches followed by a challenging complex of toes to bar and strict pull-ups.


Wednesday – NCFit Benchmark “DeathRow”

No growth happens in the comfort zone! This alternating EMOM for 20 minutes is sure to have you begging for the buzzer! Let’s push ourselves today on the rower and through all ten sets of burpees to callus our minds! The dark place is where the gains are made!


Thursday – Squat Cycle (TEST YO SELF)

We have come to the end of yet another squat cycle, and it’s time to see how far we come over the last 8 weeks. Following the squats, we will have a 3 person duathlon style conditioning workout with biking, running intervals, and sit-ups.


Friday – Bring – A – Friend Friday /  “Ace”

Your favorite piece of equipment? The assault bike? Your favorite movement? Thrusters? We took your needs into consideration when we cooked up an alternating EMOM of bike calories and dumbbell squat clean thrusters. It wouldn’t be Crossfit if it didn’t sting a little!


Saturday – Community WOD

Ain’t no party like a CFK party, cause a CFK party don’t stop! Bring your friends to our free weekly WOD! Come get your fill of ring rows, running intervals, Russian swings, and box jumps!


Saturday – Level 2

We are going to check in on our vertical pulling strength this weekend with a 2 rep max pull-up. We will then move into three 3-minute AMRAPs of Russian swings, weighted box step ups, and a kickback pull-up. Have fun with this one, and try to complete 50 kickback pull-ups in  three minutes!




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