Week In Preview, September 26th, 2021

“When you give joy to other people, you get more joy in return. You should give a good thought to happiness that you can give out.” 

-Eleanor Roosevelt


Supplement Spotlight

If you aren’t already taking a fish oil supplement you need to get on that as soon as possible! The acronym SAD not only is an abbreviation for the Standard American Diet, but explains what it really is… SAD!! The American diet includes an abundance of  omega-6 fats. Over consumption of these types of fats lead to poor recovery and inflammation. 

We can not stress enough how important it is to start Omega-3 supplementation! Do it for your heart health and also for recovery after that next tough WOD!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Tempo Back Squats + Seven Minutes In Heaven
We’ll be fixing our back squat technique and building great positions at the beginning of class. Our conditioning for today is an ascending ladder of up downs over the bar, front squats, and kettlebell swings. If you thought things were tough in round 1 just wait until round 3 of our AMRAPs.
Burn – Benchmark WOD “Mike Tyson”
3 Rounds For Time
15 Burpees
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
90 DU


Crossfit  – Tempo Bench Day + Bar Brawl
We open the day up by bringing out the benches. Our focus will be to own tension in elbow position across each set of our tempo bench press. Today’s conditioning is fight gone bad style where athletes will complete four movements for max reps in one minute. The idea here is to be consistent across rounds and not get in over your head during round one of three.
MIN 1 – 15/12 Cal. Bike 
MIN 2 – 7 Single DB  
MIN 3 – 9 Box Jumps** 
*1 REP = Right Side Lunge +  Left Side Lunge + Squat 


Crossfit – Quad Bomb
Today’s strength and conditioning will wake your quads up so get ready! Our strength session today involves strengthening the receiving position of the snatch with behind the neck presses and hang power snatches. We’ll send up a prayer for your quads as we complete 10 rounds of goblet squats and dumbbell snatches in our conditioning.
6/6 KB Strict Press* 
6 KB Sumo Deadlift High  Pulls 
-Rest 2:00- 
8/6 Cal. Row 
6 Burpees 


Crossfit – Sandbag Sweat
Ready to sweat? We’ll be pulling out the sandbags for running intervals, good mornings, and static holds. You’ll have 5, five minute rounds and that will force you to work hard to earn your rest.
400m Run 
30 DB Hang Power Cleans 50m DB Farmer Carry 30 Air Squats 
-15:00 Hard Cap- 
(Score is Time) 


Crossfit  – Saved By The Bell
Today’s workout is in a unique format that allows athletes to work for a two minutes followed by one minute of rest. During the working periods athletes will complete chunks of a large chipper style workout. Athletes will use as many rounds as possible to complete 60 shoulder to overheads, 80 sit-ups, and 100 box jump overs.
Burn – Benchmark WOD “Burn Meets Christine”
3 Rounds For Time
500m/400m Row
15 KB/DB Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps
You could say things are going to be quite grippy today! We begin class building to a heavy double in the the hang squat clean. We’ll follow it up with a nice sweat session of heavy hang squat cleans, farmer’s carries, and rowing. The weight on the bar should allow you to knockout the hang squat cleans in no more than 2 sets.
Level two will be leveling up their skills with the strict toes to bar.
5-10-15…and so on Med. Ball Squat Cleans 
10-20-30…and so on Double-Unders 
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