Week In Preview – September 25th, 2017

“I have no trouble with someone who strives to be the best and finishes in the middle of the pack. There’s honor in that. I don’t see that person as a failure. To the contrary, he will come to the end of his days with a smile on his face, because he spent the time and talent God gave him having a ball, finding out how good he could get.” — Dr. Bob Rotella, “How Champions Think”


Fall is in the air (sorta)

Fall is finally here!  Can you feel it in the air??  Probably not, because we do live in East TN, but there have definitely been hints of it!  Some colder mornings, a few trees changing their leaves, and of course the return of football season (I know, it’s always a rough start).


One thing that has become ubiquitous in the last five years or so is the onslaught of pumpkin EVERYTHING once fall hits.  Some of us do enjoy this, and some of us do think it’s a bit crazy how many things you can add artificial pumpkin flavor to, but just remember:  that may not actually be what a pumpkin tastes like.  Often times it is just artificial flavoring and a lot of syrup!


This season try something a little more natural!  You’ve probably heard of bulletproof coffee before, and it is both and item and a brand.  They made a blog post about a sugar-free pumpkin version of their original product.


If you’re looking for other pumpkin ideas, a great snack would be to use the pumpkin seeds that you would normally throw away after carving pumpkins.  Check out this quick video to see how to roast them in the oven.


As the end of the month approaches, we also approach the beginning of the most difficult time of the year for nutrition and achieving your goals, but if approached correctly, this could be the time of the year that helps you the most!


The month of October begins the cycle of candy, sweets, and holiday feasts.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all hit back-to-back and can ruin all the work you’ve put in for the previous 9 months or more.  But go into it prepared and it could set you up for your greatest success by the turn of the year!  More to come in your newsletter, but start changing your mindset now!


WOD for a Rescue

It’s almost here!  We have a few days left to get supplies to the gym and make some monetary donations!  We’ll be doing the workout on Thursday the 28th.


Post Partum Info Session

If you didn’t already see it, check out the blog post on two upcoming information sessions about training postpartum and what to expect.

Team Series Update

Great work to all who have been participating!  We’ve seen some great performances all around and can’t wait for the next week.  First up though, we have one more event for the team series on Monday.

Athlete Accomplishments

It’s the end of the month and that means I need to here from YOU about things you have accomplished over the last month, or if you know someone who has crushed it.  Remember, we are not just looking for things in the gym.  Quit smoking, bought a house, graduated, accepted into college or speciality programs, making change in the community, having a baby, anything to be proud of!  Just e-mail [email protected]


The Week


Monday – Team Series WOD 3


Must move fast to finish this one!  12:00 cap.  50 synchronized wall balls, 30 cleans at 135/95, 50 synchronized wall balls, 20 cleans at 185/135, 50 synchronized wall balls, 10 cleans at 225/155.


Tuesday – More Cleans


Work up to a heavy hang squat clean for the day, then take 70% of whatever you get and do as many reps as you can of front squats without setting the bar down.


Wednesday – Not for Time


Unbroken everything today.  Banded pull-ups for all!  Sandbag walking lunges.  Dumbbell Bench Press!  Touch-and-go power snatches!  take rest where you need it and focus on performing everything unbroken.


Thursday – WOD For a Rescue


3 Rounds for Max Reps
1 minute each:
Box Jumps/Step-ups (24/20)
Ground-to-Overhead (115/85)
Burpees to a plate
Kettle Bell Swings (70/53)
*1 minute rest between each round


Friday/Saturday – Team Series Part 2!


We will find out Wednesday or Thursday what the next part of the Team Series will be!  Grab your same partner and let’s get it!