Week in Preview – September 24th, 2018

“Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most of all, other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you.”

— Jeffrey Gitomer


Drew Perkerson Memorial WOD


On September 11th, our dear friend and athlete, Drew Perkerson, lost the battle he had been fighting all summer with pancreatitis. We would like to celebrate his life with a memorial wod and fundraiser.

At CFK, our mission statement is “to live, embody, and share total health and wellness within our community.” Drew definitely stood for that, and we want his legacy to be carried along. We will be establishing a Drew Perkerson Memorial Scholarship for membership at CFK.

We’ll take donations at the event to create the initial endowment. If anyone who would like to be a “sustaining contributor” you may tell us how much you’d like to contribute monthly, and we’ll add it to your membership fees. All proceeds will go toward a scholarship for CFK membership, awarded to individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford membership, but demonstrate a strong desire to uphold CFK’s mission to live, embody and share total health and wellness.


Please head over to the Facebook event to RSVP.


More details about the scholarship will be announced at the event.


The workout will be



3 rounds for time

37/25 Cal Row
25 Wall Balls (20/14)
16 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
2 Back Squats (315/225)
1 Deadlift (405/315)



Drew’s birthday was 3/5/81. We chose 3 rounds of 5 movements totaling 81 reps per round. We begin with a 37 calorie row, the age he was when we lost him. Heavy squats and deadlifts were some of his favorite movements. Though the weights seem heavy, they would only be around 80% for Drew, so suggested scaling will be to scale to 80% of your best squat and deadlift respectively. We will have bars already set up and you will get in where you fit in.

For those who are new to CrossFit or do not regularly train CrossFit, we will have a scaled version:



3 rounds

20/15 calorie row
18 wall balls
12 DB snatches
2 back squats
1 deadlift



No prescribed weights, just something challenging but that you could do for 3-5 reps.






The Week


Monday – E-Brake


Start the class off by building to a moderate single of a Turkish get-up.  Check out the video below for a thorough tutorial on what’s going on!



After that, hit this metcon of 400 m runs, dumbbell snatches, and calorie rows.


Tuesday – Squat Day


More weight this week!  Plus half Cindy to follow!  That’s 10 minutes of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats.


Wednesday – Dead Meat


Get ready to run!  And stretch those calves!  Today’s WOD is a combination of running, double unders, and deadlifts.  Check out some videos here.  First up, some fun drills for getting closer to that elusive pose running



And here’s a classic video of Mikko Salo trying to learn double unders.  Haven’t we all been here?


Thursday – Non-stop


Begin the class with a lot of pressing.  5 min each to work up to a heavy single on strict press, triple on push press, and 5 on push jerk.  From the floor!  After, get in a quick 8 min AMRAP of 100 m runs and 10 wallballs.


Friday – The Good Life


Three rounds for time of 500 m row, 12 burpees, and 21 box jumps.  Simple and sweet today.  And for that eternal debate on damper settings…



Saturday – Partner Adderall


We’ve done this one before, but now you get a partner!  0:00-10:00 break up a 1 mile run, then max clean and jerks.  Rest 3 minutes, then get 7 minutes to break up an 800 m run and max power snatches, rest, then just 5 minutes to break up 400 m and complete max thrusters.