Week In Preview, September 22, 2019

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” 

Supplement Spotlight

“All aboard the Gain Train”

BlackMarket Labs


 Are you doing your bicep curls RX? If not, look no further than our Blackmarket Labs L-Citrulline. You’ve probably seen this product in many of the pre-workout supplements that we carry, but might not understand the benefits of this great amino acid. When it comes to crossfit, oxygen delivery is the name of the game. Our high intensity workouts deprive our working tissues of oxygen, which forces us to take recovery breaks mid-WOD.

Blackmarket Labs RAW L-Citrulline

Our exhaustion is a direct result of blood ammonia and lactate levels beginning to spike. L-Citrulline has been found to blunt the rise of blood ammonia and lactate. This great product is also often used as a pumping agent for bodybuilders! Citrulline has the ability to convert to other amino acids that assist in giving you sleeve stretching muscle pump! So if you use L-Citrulline don’t hide the gun show!

Weekly WODs:

Monday – Hefty Hinge

Bring your lifters on day 1! We have a 3RM deadlift, and will push the pace in our conditioning workout. For the conditioning, we will hack away at 3 rounds of moderately heavy deadlifts and a few double unders. The fun won’t end until we finish off with a 200m run.


Tuesday – Eazy-E

Don’t let the name fool you! This workout will be everything, but easy! We have a 21 minute EMOM of Dumbbell split snatches, calories on the bike, and unbroken wall-balls.


Wednesday – 5×5 / 5×3 Squat Cycle

We are adding that last five pounds before test week. You could say things are getting pretty serious! As always, let’s focus on bracing and treat each rep as a chance to get better. We will finish up with two minutes of max calories on the bike or rower followed by kettlebell swings.


Thursday – Belly Flop

Is it an Up-Down or a Kickback? Call it what you want, but we will have a good time regardless. In our conditioning workout we will perform kickbacks and power cleans as a descending rep ladder.


Friday – Bodyweight Ninja

What better way to honor a fallen hero than some old school military style workouts! We have a max effort run followed by a max distance row in the remaining allotted time.  We will get an awesome bodyweight workout with pull-ups, sit-ups, and hand release pushups afterwards!


Saturday – Community WOD

Bring your friends and come get sweaty with our community at 9am! We have burpee box jump overs, and alternating dumbbell snatches. We will conclude our 45 minute class with some single leg box squats!


Saturday – Level 2

We are gonna get a core blast this weekend! We have Russian swings, box jumps, overhead plate lunges, and V-Ups.  Our goal is to spend about 1 minute with each for four sets!

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