Week In Preview, September 20th, 2020

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

 -George Bernard Shaw

Event Spotlight

Habitat for Humanity Build

October 10th

Want to challenge your fitness outside the four walls of the box? Say no more. Come challenge your functional strength as we raise the interior walls of another Habitat for Humanity home. CFK has a big mission ahead of us, and we NEED your help. On the second Saturday of October we’ll be assisting other habitat for humanity volunteers as we help with building from 8am-3:30pm. No experience is necessary!  If you’re ready to give back to your community here is the link to get signed up!

*All volunteers MUST register through the link and create an INDIVIDUAL account.

Sign Up Now




Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Back To Baseline

Day 1 we’ll take a crack at the NCFIT Baseline Test 1. Since COVID has taken us outside of our comfort zone in 2020 we’ll use today’s WOD as practice before game day in January.  The baseline test begins with a 1o minute running clock where athletes will perform a max effort 1 mile run. Upon completion of the run athletes will row as many meters as possible until the sound of the buzzer. We’ll take a quick break and go directly into a bodyweight workout that is the perfect test of bodyweight endurance.  We’ll have many rounds of push-ups, pull-ups, and air squats in the second conditioning piece.


Tuesday – Liftin’ In the Library

Quality is the product of  high intention and skillful execution. Don’t get it twisted! Quality doesn’t necessarily mean “light”. We’ll be performing sumo deadlifts at a weight where total barbell control is challenging but certain. Other movements in today’s workout include planks and strict knee raises.


Wednesday  – NCFit Baseline II + Competitor’s Prep Program

We’re mixing it up on squat day! We have a 3 rep max back squat directly into two competition style AMRAPs. It’s burpees and biking for our quick hitting workout. Be sure to move with purpose so you can claim those bragging rights.


Thursday  – EMOM-ATHON

It’s a long workout today folks! We’ve got a 28 minute EMOM style conditioning workout planned for day four. Today is a great choice for active recovery if you are feeling beat down from the baseline test 1 and 2. We’ve got wall walks, dumbbell slides, glute bridges, and goblet squats planned for our sweat session.


Friday  –  NCFit Baseline III

You’ll have the chance to get the barbell overhead in any way possible in the first portion of our test. Clean and Jerks and Snatches are all acceptable. We’ll take the first 25 minutes of our test to establish a 1 rep-max ground to overhead. We’ll quickly deload and go into an AMRAP of barbell ground to overhead and double-unders.


Saturday  –  Crossfit / Level 2

We’ve tested quite a bit this week, and some athletes may be feeling the residual effects.  Today’s workout is a longer duration chipper of plate ground to overheads, plate runs, plate lunges, and plate step-ups.  Level 2 will include an added core development session of hollow rocks and Turkish Get-Ups.


Saturday –  Burn Class

You’ll have to bring the heat on the rowing portion of today’s workout in order to get rest in between sets today. We’ve got 6 rounds of odd object work and monostructural intervals planned for your mid-morning class. Some of the movements include heavy goblet squats and kettlebell floor presses.