Week In Preview, September 19th, 2021

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” 

-Maya Angelou

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Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Overhead Complex + Air Bike Assault
Today’s workout will consist of an overhead complex followed by a conditioning piece. In our complex we will be focusing on the strict press and push press. Athletes should be aware that when weights get heavy in the complex they must fight the desire to “dip and drive” through the strict press. Our conditioning will focus on the athletes ability to keep consistent RPM efforts on the bike as well as barbell cycling in the shoulder to overhead.
Burn – 
EMOM x 4
:30 Ring Row
:30 Ring Row Hold
Rest :30 –
EMOM x 4
:30 Push Ups
:30 Plank Hold
Rest :30 –
EMOM x 4
:30 Air Squats
:30 Bottom of Squat Hold
Rest :30 
EMOM x 4
:45 Burpees
:15 Rest


Crossfit  -Squat Day + 11:11
The only thing you’ll be wishing for in this workout is for it to be over! We’ve got a sprint style workout planned for day 2. Athletes should expect to see double-unders, up-downs, and back squats. You’ll be surprised at how high volume back squats disrupt your ability to perform large sets of up-downs.
For Time
50/40 Cal Bike
50 Walking Lunges
150 Doubles
50 Walking Lunges
50/40 Cal Bike
16:00 CAP


Crossfit – Dumbbell Doozy
It’s all about those posterior chain gains in today’s workout! We’ve got a strength session dedicated to lunges, Romanian deadlifts, and bridge ups. Our posterior pump session doesn’t end there! Our conditioning workout is full of all the lunges, sumo deadlifts, and all the rowing you could ever want.
2 Sets
6 DB Deadlifts
4 DB Strict Press
2 Devils Press
Rest 2:00 –


Crossfit – Sandbag Chipper
It’s another Thursday sweat session! Today’s workout is a 24 minute grinder filled with box jumps, sandbag carries, and running. It’s a good day to find a box height you move well with opposed to one that may be too high for you! Moving well does not necessarily mean moving fast! We are looking for high quality reps today.
EMOM x 8
Min 1: 200m Run
Min 2: KB Front Rack Hold
Rest 2:00
EMOM x 8
Min 1: 20 Plate Ground To Overhead
Min 2: Bar Hang


Crossfit  – Week 1 Bench Press Strength Cycle + Wall Ball Intervals
We start day 5 with everyone’s favorite upper body exercise! Our bench press will be performed at a tempo to increase stability and strength. It’s important to understand performing movements slowly allows athletes to build the appropriate motor patterns to protect them long term. Those that lift the longest most likely will be the strongest! Our conditioning consists of wall balls and push-ups!
AMRAP x 10
15/10 Cal Row
10 Up Down Box Jump Over
15 Sit Ups
10 Box Dips


Today’s strength and conditioning will begin with tempo snatch grip deadlifts followed by a conditioning piece. Our conditioning is 2 rounds for time of sit-ups, hang power snatches, and rowing. We’ll want to pick a weight on the barbell we are comfortable cycling for more than 10 reps at a time.
Level two has an added skill session of toes to bar development.
Every 2:00 x 6 sets
100m Run
20 KB Sumo DL HP
30 Double Unders