Week In Preview – September 18th, 2017

“Confidence in yourself and the belief that you are on the right path, and not led astray by the many tracks which cross yours of people who are hopelessly lost, though some are wandering not far from the true path.” — Seneca

Marine Mud Run!

Congrats to our athletes who completed the Marine Mud Run this weekend in our featured picture!  Awesome work!


CrossFit Team Series

The CrossFit Team Series is here and we’re doing the workouts on Fridays!  If you don’t know anything about the Team Series, you can follow the link, but the main idea is that is like the Open with a partner.  Teams will be comprised of two people in any combination:  MM, FF, or MF.  You can register online at the link if you’d like to submit your scores online, just like the Open!  But it’s not required.


The workouts will be released on Thursday night, we’ll perform them Friday during classes.  We encourage you to find a partner and complete the workouts together over the next two Fridays!  If you want to register online, you will need a certified judge for your workouts.  If you have any further questions about the Team Series, e-mail Coach Scott!

Jump Rope Clinic

We’re having another Jump Rope clinic!  This time it’s for parents and kids.  For more information, check out the blog post!

Puori Demo

Make sure to get to classes on Monday and Tuesday to sample some stuff from Puori and learn all about ways to better your health!


Digestion Seminar

Coach Sara has a speciality seminar on digestion coming up!  It will be next Saturday, the 23rd, at our North location.  Follow this link to the Facebook event for more information, and reserve your spot below by changing the date to 9/23/2017 and clicking # of 40.

The Week


Monday – Snatch Day


Today will be a heavyish snatch day with extra overhead squats.  Work up over 8 sets with a power snatch + 3 overhead squats.  There will also be a lean option working on barbell cycling.  This should be light and fast to add intensity.  Follow up with some gymnastics work afterward.


Tuesday – Squat and Run


This will be interesting!  Three rounds of moderate back squats followed by a 400 m run.  Pick a weight to go unbroken but still be challenged.  And there will be rest.


Wednesday – Gwen


Click the link.  This one is a doosy.  15-12-9 of clean and jerks, all touch and go.  You pick your own weight, but make sure it’s challenging.  The first set should be hard for a set of 8.  We’ll be scoring total weight moved today, so you’ll have the option of adding weight as the reps go down.


n.b. A touch and go rep means that you re-grip the bar without it touching the floor.  If at any point you release your grip on the floor, that is a finished set.  You can rest overhead, on your back, in the front rack, or in the hip pockets.

Thursday – The 100’s


This is a long chipper, essentially in two rounds.  A 1k row followed by 50 single arm DB shoulder-to-overhead, 100 ft handstand walk, 100 ft lunge with a dumbbell, and 100 double unders.  Don’t worry, there will be scaling options for the handstand walks!


Friday – Team Series


We’ll be doing the CrossFit Team Series today!  The workout will be posted Thursday night, because no one knows what it is!  Get excited and find a partner!


Saturday – We’ll know after the Team Series!


We don’t want to program too much of the same thing, and we may leave the option open for some repeat workouts.  We’ll get this info to you as soon as possible, but for now it’s just like the old days:  prepare for the unknown and unknowable.