Week In Preview, September 15th, 2019

“If you are afraid of failure you don’t deserve to be successful.”

-Charles Barkely




New Products from Transparent Labs and Puori

Pre-order due by Wednesday September 18th at 8am

Click Here for More Details

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Be a Beast 5K

September is ovarian cancer awareness month.  The “Be a Beast” 5K is in memory of Ann Higginbotham, a lifelong educator who battled this deadly cancer. All proceeds for the race will go toward the Ann Higginbotham Memorial Scholarship Fund. The race will begin at Anderson County High School on September 21st at around 8:30am. For more details on the race click here!

Crossover Symmetry Workshop with Coach Derrick

Poor overhead mobility? Aches and pains? Cranky shoulders? Coach Derrick has your back on September 21st at our West location at 8am.  Don’t sleep on on progress!

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Monday – Keg Stand

Our workout on day one will tax the legs as well as your shoulders. We have high rep front rack lunges and handstand pushups.  We will follow it up with a long distance interval run. Try not to fall over when your legs feel drunk on this one!


Tuesday – Simone

We know all of the CFK gymnasts won’t miss day 2! We have a descending rep ladder of Russian swings and chest to bar pull-ups followed by an additional conditioning ladder. The second ladder will incorporate American swings and bar muscle-ups.

Wednesday –  Squat Day

We are getting heavy by this point in the squat cycle. Brace yourself for some tough sets during our 5×5, or 5×3 heavy training day. We also have thrusters, double-unders, and front squats in a quick hitting 10 minute AMRAP.


Thursday – Salt N’ Pepa

It’s time to heat things up with an EMOM style conditioning workout that will prioritize quick transitions, mental grit, and cardiovascular fitness. We have rowing intervals, burpees, and touch and go snatches for an entire 20 minutes.

Friday – DT

Staff Sergeant Timothy Davis must have been a barbell freak because the popular hero WOD DT is one of the most brutal workouts in our sport. We have 5 rounds for time of 12 deadlifts, 9 Hang Cleans, and 6 Shoulder to Overhead.  Ask your coach about scaling!

Saturday – Community WOD

We usually program lower skill movements for our free workout on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean we dial down the intensity. You can make your weekend workout with your friends as hard as you want! We have med ball cleans and med ball push presses topped off with spicy short running intervals.


Saturday – Level 2

Our new programming has taught us that holding static positions with kettlebells is a lot harder than it seems. We have a fantastic kettlebell routine planned for our warmup which includes windmills, around the worlds, and single arm front rack carries. Our longer duration conditioning workout afterwards will pump up our chest, give our quads a challenge on the bike, and heat up our calves from box jump overs.