Week in Preview, September 13th, 2020

“Want to make a name for yourself?
 Show up early, stay late, be thankful,  compliment others behind their back, and work like you’re on a one day contract.” 

-Lewis Caralla

Supplement Spotlight

Puori C3


Free radicals formed by oxidative stress can be caused by exercise and the body’s natural processes. This type of stress can cause problems for your body’s recovery process. Free radicals are uncharged molecules that lack electrons. Since free radicals are uncharged they must gain an extra electron to become balanced.  Free radicals “beg, steal, and borrow” electrons from critical cells in the body causing damage to it’s critical systems.


Antioxidants from Puori C3 help to establish a balance within the body by donating electrons to free radicals. By donating electrons, C3 assists the body’s DNA, lipid, and protein cells. Get C3 today and guard your body’s DNA, lipid, and protein cells from getting “mugged” by free radicals.


Weekly WODs: 

Monday –  Set Yo’Self Before You Wreck Yo’Self

We kick off the week with some of life’s most functional movements. We’ll learn how to fall and get up as well as pick heavy things up off the ground. Our workout includes plenty of deadlifting and burpees to kickstart your week. Our workout’s stimulus is geared toward strength endurance  in the deadlift which will  require athletes to “organize” their spine before moving each heavy load.

Tuesday –  Busted Butterfly + The Coach Johnny Special

It’s a great idea to prep your forearms before class today with some dynamic stretching. Our workout is going to tax the grip and shoulders to the max! We’ve got a descending ladder of lightweight hang clean and jerks and pull-ups. Try to hang onto the bar for big sets today. We’ll spend sometime after class hanging around with one of Coach Johnny’s favorite finishers.

Wednesday  –  Weird Movement Wednesday

In today’s EMOM you’ll be finding a box height that will not allow you to jump to.  Your task is to get over the obstacle by any means. Our EMOM for today includes box climb overs, strict dips, and spicy intervals on the rower. We’ll definitely be getting some spicy tricep action in today’s workout so be sure to wear your extra small shirt!

Thursday  –  Squat Day (Week 1 Reset)

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done our normal squat day workout. We’re returning to our normal 5×5 or 5×3 program in hopes of seeing some changes in our performance. We’ll be resetting to 60-75% of our most current 5 rep max. In our conditioning, we’ll combine static holds with Bulgarian split squats to challenge our legs and stability.

Friday  –  Jacked in The Box

Day 5 of our training week will include a killer strength session. We’ve got an awesome snatch complex that will give athletes the ability to gain strength in the key positions of the snatch. We’ll use the snatch deadlift, hang snatch, and power snatch to develop our positional awareness.  Our conditioning will include an AMRAP of bar muscle-ups and power snatches! Don’t forget to do mobility band work before class.

Saturday  –  Crossfit / Level 2

Saturday’s are for the squats in both level 2 and Crossfit. Our conditioning  will be performed on a 4 minute running clock where athletes will complete a running interval followed by an AMRAP of air squats and hand-release push-ups in the remaining time. We are looking for great squats in each set of our workout. Don’t cheat yourself by shortening hip extension at the top of the each rep or losing by your posture in bottom of the squat.

Saturday –  Burn Class

Our partner workout for Saturdays burn class will require both partner’s to move the entire time. Partner #1 will perform 400 meter running intervals while partner #2 is completing an AMRAP of air squats, ring rows, and russian swings. We’ll have 14 minutes to knock out a few rounds of this AMRAP. Each AMRAP should take no longer than 2:00 minutes.