Week in Preview – September 11th, 2017

“You can’t expect to soar with the eagles if you keep scratching around with the chickens.” — Myfanwy Galloway

Did you see the newsletter?

Last week there were some technical glitches!  This week it should all be worked out.  But just in case you missed the newsletter, it is linked on our website and will open in a .pdf in your browser.  Just click here.


It’s that time of year again!  Another Ktown classic, Oktoberfest, is right around the corner!  Check out their page for a countdown and to register!  They’ve released all their workouts and they have divisions for Rx, Rxish, scaled, masters, and teams!  This is a great opportunity to get out and throw down!  Let a coach know if you’re on the fence about participating, or just sign up!  Competiton will be the weekend of October 7th and 8th.



Coach Sara has two more nutrition seminars coming up this month!  Both will be out North:. Baseline Nutrition on Thursday September 14th, and then Digestion on Saturday September 23rd.  These seminars are full of valuable information to help YOU reach your goals.  To reserve your spot, just click on the number X of X next to the class name and type in your name when the pop-up appears.



Where are you?  Where are you going?  I’ll delve deeper into these questions in a later post, but for now, find out where you are with the Fit3D.  Get body circumference measurements and an accurate 3D portrayal of your body composition.  No flexing, special lighting, or filters to help out with this!  More than that, after you schedule your first Fit3D scan for FREE, you can schedule a consult with a coach to go over your results, FOR FREE.  Follow this link for WEST and this link for NORTH.



Did you know that Pure Pharma changed to Puori?  Or do you know what Pure Pharma was?  Well I have the answers for you NEXT week!  I’ll be at the West location on September 18th and the North location on September 19th with samples of their newest products and answering all your questions about their supplement line!  Be sure to be there!



The Week


Monday – 9/11 Heroes WOD

Today we honor the fallen.  You’ve seen the shirts, you know the workouts.  Get to class a little early to warm-up if you can.  We’ll cycle through on the rowers.  Lots of hard work today.  Cash in with 2001m row, then 11 reps of each of the following:  36 in box jumps, 125# thrusters, burpee chest-to-bar pull-ups, 175lb power clean, strict HSPU, 70lb American KBS, Toes-to-bar, 170# deadlift, 110# push jerk.  Check out Johnny’s e-mail, linked here, and plan on your scaling option before class.


Tuesday – Squat Day!

Déjà vu! E3MOM for 5 sets alternate between 8 and 4 reps.  Compare this to July 3rd and try to go a little heavier!


Wednesday – Squatting and climbing

10 min AMRAP between wall balls and rope climbs.  Be sure to wear some tall socks or pants!  Or you can scale up to some legless rope climbs!


Thursday – More Than Barfight

Rowing intervals today, but instead of a simple 500 m row, we’re going for 600!  Focus not only on intensity today, but on rowing technique to get the most out of it.  Rest as needed so you can go really hard.


Friday – Pain Cave Day

Burn through 3 rounds of toes-to-bar, thrusters, and burpees.  Take advantage of the scaling options to go as unbroken as possible and move quickly, trying to go sub 15 min.


Saturday – AMRAP^3

10 min partner AMRAPs of rowing and bear crawls, followed by AAB calories and box jumps, and finishing with rope turns and chest-to-bar pull-ups.  This will be a long workout, so pick a partner you can stand to be around for a while!