Week In Preview, Sunday, August 16th

“To grow and adapt, we require stress, but equally, we need periods of rest and recovery. This is a delicate balance to strike: if we rest too frequently or for too long, we will become soft and move backward. We need stress to create adaptation.” 

-Chris Duffin

Hyperice Demo Week & Pre-Order!


Get your vibration on this week! We’ll have three high-tech recovery tools from Hyperice at each location this week for you to demo pre or post WOD – the Hypervolt, Hypersphere, and Viper. These things pack a major punch, unlocking the body by using high-intensity vibration and pressure.

We’ll have a sign-up sheet for the pre-order through Friday, so grab one when you’re done with the WOD and let us know what you think!





You’ll be screaming “I COMMAND YOU TO GROW” at your biceps after taking a single serving of Transparent Lab’s L-Citrulline. This free form Amino acid has the ability to convert itself into L-Arginine which assists the body in nitric oxide production.  Nitric oxide in the blood allows vessels to dilate increasing oxygen flow to working muscles.  Vasodilation is not only important for when the WOD clock starts, but also imperative in the recovery process. When the smooth muscles of these vessels are relaxed it allows for speedy transmission of nutrients to damaged muscles. We forgot to mention the added bonus of having the biggest arms in the box!


Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Walkin’ on Sunshine

Today’s strength session is very similar to previous strength segments we’ve performed. We have 3 sets of 4 deadlifts increasing in weight. However, the goal of the last set is to hit a few extra reps with a heavier load. Athletes should strive to hit no more than 6 to 7 additional reps for a total of 10-11 reps on their last set. Our conditioning is 3 rounds of deadlifts, wall-walks, and rowing.  We suggest thoroughly preparing your shoulder stabilizers with the mobility bands before today’s class.


Tuesday – Swing for the Fences

Our extended warm-up today will prime the shoulders for our conditioning piece with the Turkish-Get up. Our daily sweat session will include an 800m run as a buy in. The run will be followed by 4 rounds of russian swings and double-unders. We’ll cap off today with a pump session of planks and push-ups.


Wednesday  – Squat Day + “Cali Love”

We know how to party on test day! It’s already week 8 and it’s time to show the PR bell some love if we’ve been consistently training. We will conclude today’s strength with one of our favorite benchmarks “California Love”. Today’s a great day to dial back the weight in our conditioning especially if we gave 100% of our efforts to our squat test day. We’d rather see you moving light and fast today then slow and sluggish in today’s clean and jerk WOD.


Thursday  – 5, 10, 15

It’s not Murph, but it will still hit you in your “feels’.  Our workout will include 2 ten minute cycles. Each athlete will perform 5 minutes of “Cindy” followed by 5 minutes of assault bike calories. We’ll separate each 10 minute interval with 2 minutes of recovery. If you needed another reason to start doing the pull-up program again we’ve sent you a sign!


Friday  – Snatches and Slams

We’ve got ten minutes of hang power snatches and slam balls planned for day 5.  Athletes will perform an ascending ladder of hang power snatches followed by 10 slam balls after each set.


Saturday  – Crossfit/Level 2

We’ve got some exciting new movements for both classes this week. We’llperform each movement for 1 minute and the final movement for three minutes in our 5 set workout. Athletes will perform dumbbell up downs, dumbbell power cleans, front rack holds, box jumps, and 400 meter running intervals. Level 2 will have an added skill session of unbroken power cleans and toes-to-bar.


Saturday  – Burn  Class – Banded Booty Work

Today’s workout will challenge the hamstrings to the max.  Our 10 minute AMRAP of v-ups and russian swings will be followed by a banded tabata finisher. Our finisher will give us exposure to the banded goodmorning and kettle-bell side bends.