Week In Preview – October 9th, 2017

“If you think strength is not important consider that strength loss is what puts people in nursing homes.” — Greg Glassman



Congrats to all our athletes who competed at Oktoberfest games this weekend!  Christina Knox and Caroline Johnson pictured above, plus Abby Caplan, Rachel Kronyak, Ryan Bolt, and Patrick Klepper on team Eat Clean, Train Dirty!

Holiday Fitness Challenge

Did you read the newsletter for this month?  Are you ready for all the holiday temptations and distractions coming at you?  If you missed it, read up!  And then get prepared because Coaches Jonathan and Sara are brining a Holiday Fitness Challenge to you that will focus on nutrition and achieving goals through November and December!  Keep an eye out for more to come!


This year we are stepping away from Barbells for Boobs, but that doesn’t mean were aren’t out of the fight!  We’ll still be raising money for a local cancer aid organization, the L-5 Foundation.  More details to come, but mark your calendars!  Friday, Oct. 27th at North.  The workout will still be Grace, and we’ll still wear a lot of pink!

Get to North on Saturday!

There is a TON going on this Saturday out North!  Baseline Nutrition with Coach Sara will be happening at 10 a.m.  Nick and Kaylee will also be back to teach some jump rope tricks for the parent and child clinic!  If you really want to go, you don’t have to have a kid, just bring one!  Of course, we their parents’ permission, but nephews, nieces, and cousins are all welcome!


We have just wrapped up the 6-week weightlifting cycle, part of our renewed CFK Barbell initiative.  We learned a lot about technique and the mental game of weightlifting and how all of this ties into CrossFit.  We will be running another cycle of weightlifting that starts NEXT WEEK with new class times.


North is moving to the morning with a 7 a.m. class.


West is adding a class!  We’ll be Monday/Wednesday 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.


How do you sign up??  E-mail [email protected] to say you want to sign up for the weightlifting class and what time slot you want.  We’re only taking 8 per class!  So e-mail quickly!


Cost:  $149 for 6 weeks of weightlifting programming, 2 classes per week, optional Saturday morning lifting, and weekly workout modifications with the goal to peak for the CrossFit Liftoff at the end of November.


The Week


Monday – (21-15-9) x 2

A double of a classic rep scheme.  42-30-18 of Pull-ups, wall balls, and KB swings.  Try to go under 15 minutes on this!  You’ll have to stay after it!

Tuesday – Pulling day!

Heavy power cleans and deadlifts.  Find a 3 rm power clean, then keep going up to find a 3 rep deadlift.  Keep that bar close today!

Wednesday – 30 min EMOM!

We’ll be rotating through 5 stations to try and get all this work done!  Some stations have one movement, some have multiple movements.  It’s basically all cardio machines and gymnastics, so it should be fun!

Thursday – Core and Legs

Descending ladder of sit-ups, goblet squats, and….BURPEES.  Don’t worry, the burpees are the lowest number!

Friday – Snatches

Start off finding a heavy set of a snatch complex, then use the practice as you perform 3 rounds of full snatches and double unders.  The rope turns will be for max reps!

Saturday – Running and thrusters

Alternate 400 m runs with a partner, then complete some thrusters as a team, then finish out with more running!  This workout will look long, but you can move through it quickly!