Week In Preview, October 6, 2019

““Act the way you want to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.”

-Les Brown




Supplement Spotlight

“Go the Distance” with Extreme Endurance

If your looking for a way to increase your capacity for throwing it down in the gym look no further than extreme endurance tablets. You may have seen these products on our shelves recently,  but skipped out on their amazing benefits.  Extreme endurance has created a product that acts as a lactic acid buffer, and helps muscles to recover more than 5 times faster than their regular rate. As we workout we damage muscle fibers that allow blood creatine kinase levels to rise. Creatine kinase is an enzyme created from damaged muscles. The result of high levels of creatine kinase can manifest itself as muscle fatigue, decreased athletic performance, and even injury! Extreme Endurance is also known for its ability to decrease lactic acid production by up to 26%! The answer is clear… if you want to go the distance start with Extreme Endurance Tablets.

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Upcoming Events

CrossFit Open

The 2020 CrossFit Open starts this week! We’ll perform the workouts each week on Fridays, so get ready! If you haven’t registered yet, you can find the registration link as well as everything else you need to know in our blog here:


The biggest determining factor in you reaching your goals is your ability to SHOW UP! That’s why we have the 20 Committee each month. For anyone who achieves the 20 committee during each of the last 3 months of the year, we’re awarding our Special Edition CFK Athlete #COMMITTED T-shirt! You don’t have to attend 20 classes (although we’d love you to!). The 20 committee recognizes 20 ACTIVE DAYS each month. Check out this blog post on everything you need to know about getting on, and staying on the board:









CFK Squat Cycle Personal Record Board

We believe in the proper application of intensity at CFK. The time tested method of our 5×5  squat cycle programming results in better bods and better quads! CFK members that follow correct loading procedures and are consistent are likely to earn that sweet gold star in Wodify.Congrats to all the athletes that smashed this cycle. We are excited to see how far you come next cycle!








Weekly WODs


Monday – Squat Day (Retest Day)

We have arrived at week one of the new squat cycle! If we are are staying with the same squat we can attempt to break last week’s number. If we are trying another variation of squat during our new cycle we will be looking to find a new 5 rep technical max.  Get ready for a savage shoulder pump afterwards! We have high repetition overhead pressing movements, and quick interval runs!

Tuesday – Fiery 50

We have a triplet AMRAP consisting of tough rowing intervals, kickbacks, and strict pullups for day 2. We will use scaling today as necessary to accomplish all pull-ups within 2 to 3 sets. Rowing posture and sequencing will be extremely imperative during the ascending meter interval sprints!


Wednesday – NC Fit Benchmark “Eliza- Plus”

We have another benchmark this week! Be sure to record your scores! We will begin with 5 sets of 3 moderately heavy power cleans followed by our conditioning. Our WOD for today is a descending ladder of power cleans and ring dips. However, if ring dips aren’t our thing we can substitute them for hand-release push-ups! Try to find a weight on the cleans you can do for 7-10 reps unbroken, and make sure not to go to failure on the pressing movements.


Thursday – R and R

The rest and recovery workouts on day 4 are back! We last saw this type of programming during the Wodapalooza workouts a few weeks ago! The 2020 Crossfit Open has arrived, and we need to flush out before we crush those scorecards! We have an  EMOM format for today’s work that incorporates med ball hang cleans, med ball strict press, and some low key rowing!


Friday – Crossfit Open 20.1 (Workout Released Thursday at 5pm)

We won’t know what to expect until the day before, but don’t let the anticipation scare you away! Get in the gym, and let’s spread those good CFK crossfit open vibes! Friday’s classes will not be judged for online competitors!


Saturday Level 2 – Crossfit Open Retest

If you need a judge for 20.1 make sure to make it out to our level 2 workout at 10:15am! We will be retesting the WOD for those that didn’t get a chance to test Friday.


Community WOD – Bring your Bros!

We have three short AMRAPs that are all separated by a quick recovery period. We will test our ability to recover from burpees, plate ground to overhead, and plate hops as we “we keep on, keeping on”. Bring a buddy and try to stick to the same pace throughout each!



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