Week in Preview – October 30th, 2017

“It’s not about what you are capable of, but what you’re willing to do” — Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach

Welcome to November!

Just a couple days left in this month!  Did you know we have special holiday hours?  Check out the list on our webpage!  Our last class on Halloween will be 5 p.m. at North and 5:30 p.m. at West.


There are a lot of Holiday’s coming up and we will have different hours than in the past.  We’ll always post about them, but be sure to go to CFK’s Holiday Schedule if you’re ever wondering or wanting to plan ahead!


Also, a big thanks to everyone who came our and participated in the L5 event!  If you have pictures, post them to the Facebook page or send them to [email protected]!


Healthier Holiday

Are you ready for the Holidays?  This is the toughest time of the year to stay on track with nutrition and training, particularly with travel and holiday parties.  Prepare now!  Sign up for CFK’s Healthier Holiday to stick to your goals now!


The Week

Monday – Advanced Grace!

Didn’t get enough of Grace on Friday?  Well we’ve got more in store for you!  Three rounds of 12 ground-to-overhead (155/105) plus a 400m run!

Tuesday – Squat day!

Build to a heavy triple today!  Follow up your back squats with some mini AMRAPs of Wallballs, push-ups, and double unders.

Wednesday – Shoulder Day

Combine toes to bar, thrusters, and some muscle ups.  Check out this cool transition drill to try out today instead of some of our other more typical drills.

Thursday – Grip & Core

No RX weight today!  Instead, scale by stimulus.  It’s 21-15-9 of deadlifts and heavy farmer’s carry.  If you’re fairly experienced with deadlifts, we want a weight that has to be broken up into 2-3 sets in the first round.  Combine that with a heavy farmer’s carry in between each round to really challenge your grip and trunk.

Friday – Snatch Skill Work

Snatch Balance and Overhead Squat work!  Learn a little about the Snatch Balance with this quick video:

Following that, work through 5 rounds of strict HSPU, Chest-to-bar pull-ups, and walking lunges.

Saturday – Partner Bar Work

Get a partner and a bar, load to 185/125.  Then work through a series of shoulder-to-overhead, cleans, box jumps, running, deadlifts, and a few other things as well!