Week In Preview, October 27th 2019

“As the Zen Buddhist saying goes, how you do anything is how you do everything.”

-Simon Sinek

Supplement Spotlight:

FitAid RX Zero

Chances are if you have been coming to our gym you’ve seen tons of these drinks getting gulped down after class! It’s a known fact that  FitAid and Crossfit go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly! The LifeAid Beverage Company, the creators of FitAid,  have created a new version of the FitAid RX beverage we all love. The update to this potent and delicious recovery drink now come with ZERO calories! Find your way to the FitAid fridge and snag one while they last!

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Upcoming Events:

  • Shoulder Stability Workshop

This Saturday, 8am, North location. Come learn how to use the symmetry bands to create BULLETPROOF shoulders! Whether it’s pain reduction, increased range of motion, or a Snatch PR you’re seeking, this is the program that will get you there. Five minutes a day is all you need, but the program must be done correctly. Come learn how this Saturday with coach Derrick!
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  • Bring – A – Friend Friday

It’s the first Friday of the month, so you know what that means! Bring your friends, co-workers, family members, and anyone else you can “Trick” into coming to workout with you on Friday! Please have your guest(s) fill out this online waiver prior to attending so that we can save some time during classes.
  • Halloween Holiday Hours (Early Closing)

Trick or Treat! We will be closing early on Thursday for Halloween! The last class of the evening will be 5:30 p.m (West) and 5pm (North).

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  • Crossfit Open Workout 20.4

    See the source image

Enjoy your lower intensity work on Thursday because the Crossfit Open workout 20.4 is coming in hot! Let’s crush it, and leave no doubt that we gave the 2020 season our all.



Weekly WODs:

Monday – Squat Day (Week 4)

It’s week 4 of the squat cycle, and we are adding weight yet again! As always, bracing and tension are two of the most important factors to consider through these initial building weeks. Our conditioning workout for today is brought to you by Coach Rick. Be prepared for lots of double- unders and quick rowing intervals!


Tuesday – Burly Boy

Our strength and conditioning session on day two is all about shoulder to overhead movements. We have split jerks, push press, and push jerks in the strength portion which will prime our shoulders for the WOD. In the conditioning section we will test our capacity to move fast on lateral burpees as well as get a heavy bar overhead by performing jerks.


Wednesday – Freaky Fast

We have a race to the finish today in a descending ladder of squat snatches and strict pullups. There are lots of pull-ups today, and are looking to go unbroken at least on the first half of the workout. The coaches will assist you in finding an appropriate scaling option if strict pull-ups are not your thing! Drop it like it’s hot under that bar today!


Thursday  – Trouble with Doubles?

We will be running a skill session today along with a rejuvenating crossfit cleanse. Our skill session will touch on the finer points of the muscle up and double under. We will restore our bodies back to 100% with air squats, running, plate hops, and slam balls. Our focus for today is quality movement and full range of motion.


Friday  – Open Workout 20.4 (Released Thursday Night)

Day 5’s open workout is scheduled in conjunction with Bring – A – Friend Friday. We will see what 20.4 is on Thursday night, and decide whether to run it on Friday, or save it until Monday!


Saturday –  Free Community WOD at 9 am

What a wonderful week to invite your friends to a heart pumping cardio session inspired by one of our favorite NC Fit Benchmark workouts. Death Row Jr. will require you to go hard on the rower while leaving enough in the tank to collect your life during the burpees. These might be fairly low skill movements , but don’t let the looks fool you! We will follow it up with an additional EMOM of assault bike calories and sit-ups.


Saturday  – Level 2  at 10:15 am

We have a toasty tabata workout this weekend! Tabata is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 8 total sets. We will perform tabata formatted plate ground to overhead, v-ups, plate overhead lunges, assault bike calories, and box jumps.