Week In Preview – October 23, 2017

“I have no trouble with someone who strives to be the best and finishes in the middle of the pack. There’s honor in that. I don’t see that person as a failure. To the contrary, he will come to the end of his days with a smile on his face, because he spent the time and talent God gave him having a ball, finding out how good he could get.” — Dr. Bob Rotella, “How Champions Think”


A huge congrats to all of our ultra runners who ran in the Firewater Ultra!  Kim Brophy and Deb Burley completed the 50 k trail run, Bridgett Smith won first place in the female 100k, and Ali got 3rd female in the 100k!  Awesome work ladies!  We also had some mountain bike racers tearing it up this weekend!  Congrats to everyone!


If you or someone you know at the gym had a huge accomplishment in the gym or in life, let us know!  Submit your athlete accomplishments this week to [email protected].


In life, I like to say “Focus on your Strengths” but more importantly, just Focus!


At CFK our goal is to spend our time and efforts on what gets us the closest to peak health and fitness in the least amount of time.  i.e. Intensity over Volume, Technique First, Nutrition and Recovery, etc…  All of these things are a very individual process and sometimes that might require a shift in focus with approach to training.  We are not all created the same and whatever moves your needle in the right direction is where we need to focus your efforts.


Personalization requires assessment, and assessment requires your full commitment, engagement, and focus.  The Fit3d* and a consultation with a coach can give you the accurate picture necessary to modify your lifestyle for success.  With training sometimes it’s not quite as easy and some testing is required.


-Johnny Davis

Lift for L5 this week!

This Friday night, head out to North to throw down for Lift for L5!  We’ll be doing the workout Grace and raising money for a great cause.  This is open to EVERYONE!  So invite any friends from other CrossFit gyms to come out as well!


5ks for Days!

It’s not too late to sign up for Coach Nate’s 5k training program!  They will kick off with a group run on Saturday.  Contact him for more details!


And if you can’t make either of these, don’t worry because we have just what you need!

Crossover symmetry

Do you want better handstands?  Better pull-ups?  Less shoulder pain?  A solid snatch or overhead squat?  If so, have you gotten to a Crossover symmetry seminar?  If not, get to one!  They are hugely beneficial and informative about shoulder health and how you can get stronger!




The Week


Monday – Shoulder Day


Shoulder press up to a heavy 3 in 10 minutes, then an ascending ladder of burpees and Russian KB swings.  Remember to use that hip drive on the swings so you don’t wear out your arms!


Tuesday – Training Day


No score for today’s workout, but work for a minute on power snatch, 1 minute on rope climbs, and get a minute of rest.  Your weight on snatches will change as you go, so be ready!


Wednesday – Long EMOM


Work every minute on muscleups, wall balls, and rowing, with some rest built in!  Pick a scaling option for muscleups to get in some good skill practice and accumulate some volume.


Thursday – 5k Day!


Remember that time on April 14th that we ran a 5k?  We’re doing it again!  Hope for some cool weather and let’s get it in!  See if we can improve our 5k times and set another benchmark for some of these fall 5ks.


Friday – Lift for L5!


We’ll be doing Grace all day!  Head out to North in the evening to throw down with CrossFitters from all over Knoxville!