Week in Preview – October 22nd, 2018

“It starts with finding the direction you want to go in and then figuring out how to build the habits that will get you there.” — Rachel Hollis


What have you learned through CrossFit?


Check out this guest post from Morning Chalk Up.  How much of this do you relate to?

The Week


Monday – Squat Day


Week one of our squat cycle!  Be sure to get it in!  After we’ll have 3 rounds of wallballs, push-ups, and strict pull-ups fo a little gymnastics strength training.


Tuesday – Guard Rail


The first 15 minutes we’ll spend building up to a heavy 5 rep of touch-and-go power cleans.  Don’t let go of that bar!  Then use what you’ve practiced to hit three 3 min AMRAPs of calories and power cleans.  The reps for power cleans will go down as their weight goes up.


Wednesday – Run Wild


Another leg burner today, hit 3 rounds of 600 m runs and 21 hang squat snatches.  The weight will be light, but don’t be deceived!



Thursday – Surf and Turf


Thirty min AMRAP today with 70/50 calories, 50 sit-ups, 30 sandbag to shoulder, and 50 more sit-ups.  Try to just move steadily through this and not take a lot of breaks!


Friday – Nine Yards


For the first part of class, build up to a heavy tempo front squat with 5 seconds down and a 3 second pause in the bottom.  Focus on positioning and stability, not just how much weight you can put on the bar!  Follow up with a 12 min AMRAP of 3 thrusters, 3 toes to bar, 3 calories, 6-6-6, 9-9-9, etc.


Saturday – Partner Mind Eraser


20 min AMRAP of 7 power cleans, 7 burpees, and 200 m runs.  Since it’s with a partner you should be able to push hard and do sprint rounds!