Week In Preview, October 20th, 2019

“We are all self-made but, only the successful will admit it.”

-Earl Nightingale

Supplement Spotlight:

RAW Creatine MonohydrateBlackMarket – Raw Creatine

It’s no secret that creatine has been widely used in sports and exercise programs for a few decades. But why? Creatine is critical in the production of cellular energy in working muscles.  Creatine helps the body create creatine phosphate which is one of the primary energy sources for explosive movements such as sprinting and olympic lifting. Since Creatine helps with energy production it reduces recovery time that allows muscles to grow much quicker! The reduction in recovery time allows you to accomplish more during tough WODs than without supplementation.  So give BlackMarket Labs Creatine a try! It’s time to do a experiment with one of the fitness industry’s time tested and result driven supplements!



Upcoming Events:

  • Crossfit Open Workout 20.3

    See the source image

We’re two weeks into the 2020 Open and things are heating up!!! Remember to tune into The CrossFit Games Website Thursday at 8 pm for the live announcement of 20.3. Two opportunities to perform the workout, just like last week – Friday during classes, or Saturday at 10:15 am. See you there!



Weekly WODs:

Monday – Squat Day (Week 3)

And the squats roll on! Add a little weight to last week’s numbers, and continue to focus on TEMPO (20X1). The “X” means eXplode so when coming out of the hole, treat that barbell with extreme disrespect!

Tuesday – The Grind

A 24-minute grinder that will tax your grip, your lungs, and your will to continue. Lots of dumbbells and kettlebells in this one, come ready to get sweaty.

Wednesday – Humpty Dumpty

On Hump Day we’ll tackle some skills in the single-leg squat (pistol squat), and get upside down in a bit of handstand work. After this, a short and spicy barbell burner awaits. We won’t tell you the movements, but one of them rhymes with “Schmuster”.

Thursday  – Not Your Normal Recovery WOD

Two ways to approach this 3-Rounder – smooth and steady recovery session, or get after it and try to hit negative splits (fancy speak for faster each round). See how you feel coming in, and do what you need to get ready for 20.3 tomorrow!

Friday  – Open Workout 20.3 (Released Thursday Night)

We don’t know, and we don’t care. Twenty-point-three doesn’t stand a chance!!

Saturday –  Free Community WOD at 9 am

Just because it’s the community WOD doesn’t mean we’re taking it easy… this might be one of the toughest WODs of the week! A 14-minute AMRAP with running, and whole-lotta dumbbell work. Bring your friends, we’ll take good care of them.

Saturday  – Level 2  at 10:15 am

20.3 Again! If you can’t hit RED Friday with us, come out on Saturday and lay it on the line in the third edition of the 2020 Open.

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