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Week In Preview – October 16th, 2017

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“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Are you ready for that change?  It begins with knowing where you’re starting.  Get your Fit3D scan today by going to the West link or North.  From there, get to a nutrition consultation or clinic!  Did you see Coach Sara’s results?

#Repost @foodie.for.thought (@get_repost) ・・・ If you’re only using the scale to track your fitness goals, you’re missing the most significant measurements of health and body composition. This is my FIT3D scan taken roughly 10 weeks apart. If all I looked at was the number on the scale I would see 3.3 lbs lost…I can fluctuate that much in a single day. Without additional body composition testing and measurements from the FIT3D I would have no idea that I lost 2.6 lbs of fat while retaining muscle, and that I lost 2.3 inches from my waist, among numerous other measurement baselines. @crossfitknoxville athletes, have you gotten your first free FIT3D scan yet and checked into our nutrition coaching packages??

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Lift for L5

This year we’re raising funds for L5, an organization that helps support families in the hardest time of their lives.  Learn more by visiting our blog post and going to the Facebook event!

Fall 5ks

There are lots of opportunities for 5ks in the fall, particularly around Holidays!  We encourage you to give one a shot!  Check out the post about training with Coach Nate for the Hot to Trot 5k, and use the discount code CFKnox5 to get $5 off your registration.

The Week

Monday – Clean & Jerk Complex

Today will be heavy and fast!  Five rounds of 3 power cleans, 3 front squats, and 3 jerks.  The weights will look super heavy, but scaling is the key to this workout.  You want the load to be challenging, but the time should be between 5-10 minutes.

Tuesday – 30-24-18

Push-ups, KBS, Box Jump Overs.  Another fast workout!  10-15 minutes is what we’re looking for, so scale your reps and weight accordingly.  Remember, the hardest movement is almost always the push-up, so be prepared!

Wednesday – 15-21-27

Reps going up!  Toes to bar and back squats.  Weights will come from the floor, and not terribly heavy for back squats.  After each full round, knock out 75 double unders!

Thursday – Field Day!

Work around the room through tire flips, bench press, rope climbs, and heavy carries.  It’s a classic!

Friday – Unilateral Training

Three rounds of running and rowing interspersed with single arm push press and single arm overhead walking lunges.  No score on this, just solid training.  This will be a very long, steady workout.

Saturday – Snatches!

Work up to a 2 rep max power snatch with a partner, then alternate rounds of push jerks and 100 ft burpee broad jumps!