Week In Preview, October 11th, 2020

“How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING. 

– T. Harv Eker

Membership Give-Away

Don’t forget your opportunity to gain entries for  one free 3 month-membership. Bring your buddy’s to Burn class for free for the rest of October in order to gain an entry. If your friend likes the burn program and decides to join then each person will gain 10 entries. November 2nd we’ll be drawing names from the bucket so be on the lookout for the winner!


Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Quad Smash

You might need the roller with the serrated edges after today’s workout. We’ve got a ladder style workout where reps will decrease and weights will increase. If you’ve been trying to fill out your skinny jeans this will do it! Get ready for some front squats and sit-ups.

Tuesday – Isabel

It’s all about he snatch on day 2 as we prepare for the benchmark workout Isabel with a 3 rep max power snatch. During our strength session we are looking to receive the bar above parallel in the squat.  During our benchmark workout athletes will have the choice to either power snatch or squat snatch.


Wednesday  – Chinny Chin Chin

Our conditioning will force athletes to maintain strict movement while their heart rates remain  elevated.  Our workout is a moderate duration AMRAP of russian swings, double unders, and strict chin-ups. Don’t cheat your self and reach for the bar with your chin!


Thursday  – 400 Meter Madness

Our goal for today’s workout is to maintain a hard consistent effort on each 400 meter running interval. Between our running efforts we will be performing 12 push jerks at a heavy weight. The weight on the bar should be challenging but, should not hinder the athletes ability to cycle the barbell from the front-rack position.


Friday  – The Equalizer

Are you strong? Are you gymnasty? Well this workout has a great mix of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio rolled into one workout. We’ve our workout includes high skill gymnastics, deadlifts, and bike calories! Today’s a great day to work the muscle-up in small sets.


Saturday  –  Crossfit / Level 2

It’s going to get spicy this weekend in both classes. We’ve got an awesome test for your quads as we crush rower calories, thrusters, and box jumps. Level 2’s class will also have an added skill practice of pistols and handstand practice. Remember the Crossfit Open is around the corner, and if you are having difficulty with higher level skills then this is the time to work!


Saturday –  Burn Class

There will be lots of pushing and pulling in today’s descending and ascending ladder workout. Athlete’s will attempt to keep a consistent pace through up-down box jump overs, kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls, and a push-up option that meets the needs of each athlete. It’s a great day to build confidence with the unique movement pattern of the sumo deadlift high pull.