Week In Preview, November 8th, 2020

“A winner never stops trying.”

-Tom Landry

Event Spotlight

On Saturday, November 21st we’ll be hosting our annual Travis Manion WOD. The proceeds for this event will support veterans, their families, and families of fallen veterans.  The workout for this event consists of 7 rounds of 400 meter running intervals and 29 Back Squats. The weights and variations of the squat will be altered to allow all athletes to participate. Come out and show your support for this awesome cause. Here’s how you can register.

Registration Fee: $29 (Individual workout), $58 (Partner workout) – includes event T-shirt, pictured below!

*Register by October 28 to guarantee a shirt day-of. Last day to register is November 9

How to Register: Click  Here for North, Click Here for West

Date: Saturday, November 21

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: CFK West & CFK North

Who’s Welcome: EVERYONE! Share with friends!

Weekly WODs: 

Monday  –  Squat Day 2-Rep Max

We’ll be putting some heavier weights on our backs this week as we take 20 minutes to build to a 2 rep max back squat. Our conditioning consists of light weight back squats and up-downs over the bar.  We want athletes to go unbroken throughout the conditioning. The goal is to stay moving at all costs!


Tuesday  – Chesty Puller

In honor of the Marine Corps birthday we’ve got a push pull workout. Class will begin with a 2 rep max strict press. The weights for our strength session should be challenging, but allow us to keep our knees fairly straight as we press. Our coaches wouldn’t want you to cheat yourself by bending your knees. Our conditioning will give us a great mix of pushing and pulling with the dumbbells. Some of the movements include the renegade row and push press.


Wednesday  –  “Hansen”

We’ll thank the men and women that have served our country with a hero WOD on day 3. The benchmark workout Hansen consists of burpees, kettlebell swings and sit-ups. There will be 30 reps of each movements in this workout.It is likely that some athletes may need to scale the reps down in order to reduce the workout’s volume.


Thursday  – Rings and Rowers

Are you a champion on the rings?If so, you’re in luck. We have rowing and ring muscle-ups. Today’s workout is lots of pulling and lots of lats!


Friday  – Double Under Doozie

Christmas has come early this year in the form of heavy deadlifts. We have a 2 rep max deadlift followed by a conditioning ladder. Our workout is a descending rep couplet of double unders and deadlifts. Athletes will add weights to their barbell after each round.


Saturday  –  Crossfit/ Level 2

Our workout this weekend is all about the midline. We’ve got a 3 part workout that includes a skill session, conditioning workout, and an ab finisher. Our workout includes dumbbell step ups, box jumps, and toes to bar. We’ll use our skill session to prime ourselves for the type of toes-to-bar variation we plan on doing in the WOD.


Saturday  –  Burn

We’ve gifted you with wall balls, burpees, and bike calories in today’s burn class. Our goal today is to pick an appropriate volume of squats. Newer athletes may be better off reducing the volume of today’s workout in order to avoid excessive soreness. If you’re a seasoned athlete you may consider scaling up your wall ball weight!