Week In Preview – November 6, 2017

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” — Lao Tzu

The difficult steps we face going in to the holiday season will be sticking to nutrition and time in the gym, but primarily the former.  As the days roll closer and closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas you will be more and more tempted to eat food that you know is bad for you, and it’s easy to rationalize that “just one won’t hurt,” but it’s rarely just one!  Remember that the choices you make today are going to have effects 6-8 weeks down the road, not tomorrow.  Be patient and stay the course.


The October/November newsletter is posted here!  Go check it out and see what’s going on with athletes and the gym!


Nutrition seminars are THIS WEEK!  West on Tuesday and North on Thursday.  Don’t miss out!  These will be great for helping you to achieve your goals.


Do you have a bucket list goal of running your first half or full marathon?  Maybe you’ve done it and want to be faster.  Or maybe you’re curious about what all this ultrarunning business is about.  Make sure to check out the newsletter for more details, and keep your eyes on the WIP in upcoming weeks to find out how you can sign up for a program!

The Week

Monday – Power Down

15-12-9 of Calorie Row and Power snatches, followed immediately by Calorie AAB/ski erg and clean and jerks.  Pick a weight so that you could go unbroken for 21 or more reps!  This should be fast and unbroken.

Tuesday – Kelen Helly

Most of us have done Helen; few have probably done Kelly.  Today’s the day to get a taste of both!  Two rounds of Helen sandwiched between a round of Kelly at both ends.  A round of kelly will be a 400 m run, 30 box jumps, and 30 wall balls, while a round of Helen is a 400 m run, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups.  So lots of running!

Wednesday – Slot Machine

Teams of 3 complete a series of AMRAPs with back squats, bench press, and deadlifts.  There will be a LOT of reps and ascending weight on each movement.  Try to partner up with people who will do the same weight as you and share a barbell!

Thursday – Annie Got Wrecked

Think Annie, but twice the double unders and a 200 m run after every round…with a sandbag!  That’s right, 50-40-30-20-10 (again, double the doubles) and sit-ups, with a run after each round.

Friday – Saved by the Bell

5 rounds of 21 air squats, 10/7 calorie row, and 9 dumbbell snatches.  The dumbbell weight should be something to go unbroken for a lot of reps.  Overall, most of the time will be in the transitions, so set up accordingly!

Saturday – Ironhide

Just a 7 minute AMRAP.  Nice and simple.  Burpee box jump overs.  Plus 7 deadlifts on every minute.