Week In Preview, November 22, 2020

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

-Edward Stanely



Healthier Habits Challenge


Our new 6-week free challenge on the horizon its a great time to embrace different healthy habits.


When is the last time you got “flexy”?

You’ve heard it before.. “Great Job, Everyone let’s circle up for some stretching”. You may be running for the door as quickly as you can, but there is a specific reason we mobilize after each workout. One of the main reasons is preservation. We must preserve our range of motion as we age in order to continue move well in the future.


You’ve probably heard at some point about postural imbalances caused by “desk jobs”. Many of us would be quick to attribute our T-spine immobility, and neck pain to a forward head posture. However, we can trace many other muscle performance issues back to this common position. Sitting also has an impact on the lower limbs. When we sit our hip flexors become tight because they are in a more shortened and contracted position.  The Hamstrings become tight because of your glute’s inability to support bodyweight. Overtime lethargic glute muscles and overworked hamstrings won’t be able to contribute equally to hip extension (“standing”). The imbalances between these prime movers is a recipe for disaster. You can’t bend bars and make PR’s with a pulled hamstring so spend some quality time getting flexy. Maybe becoming a part-time yogi isn’t such a bad idea after all? 


This challenge is FREE and open to all!

Starts: Monday, November 23

Ends: Sunday, January 3

Weekly WODs: 


Monday  -Wendler Back Squat + Burpee Barbell Burnout

It’s time to ratchet up the intensity on training day 1. We have a descending ladder of front squats and burpee pull-ups. Options for scaling today include burpee ring rows, burpee jumping pull-ups, and don’t forget up-downs are also an awesome burpee sub.


Tuesday  – Wendler Strict Press  + Shoulder Smoke Show

Today’s class begins with our Wendler strict press and will be followed by a conditioning workout of push press, box jumps, and plate runs. Our goal today is to find a cycle weight for the push press that will allow us to go unbroken throughout all three rounds of our workout. The box jumps will seem like a much needed break after all of the runs and pressing.


Wednesday  – Wendler Deadlift + Quality Conditioning

We begin today by knock out three sets of deadlifts based off the numbers we established at the beginning of the cycle.  Our conditioning EMOM for today is 15 minutes of quality work after two tough workouts on Monday and Tuesday. Some of the movements in our quality EMOM include dead stop sumo deadlifts, sit ups, and rower calories.


Thursday – CFK Turkey Trot

We may be closed on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean your gain train can halt. We’ve added a special home WOD in the form of a 5k run. Grab a buddy and lace up your running shoes. It’s time to show them what Crossfit has done for your health. You also have the option of performing the CFK Go WOD through wodify if running doesn’t sound too appetizing.


Friday – NCFit Benchmark “BOGO”

Our workout is ready to get you moving before you head out on your shopping spree. We have hang power cleans, running and double-unders to get your blood pumping before you attack the strip malls. Our arm finisher will make sure you win the “flex-off” at the check out line.

**THE FIRST CLASS OF THE DAY WILL START AT 8:30AM. It’s not fun to Crossfit alone so be sure to set a reminder.


Saturday  –  Crossfit/ Level 2

Crossfit and level 2 will both do their fair share of burpees, toes to bar, and barbell jerks today. 10:15 will have an added 1 RM split jerk before getting into the conditioning.