Week in Preview – May 7th, 2018

“If cauliflower can somehow become pizza, you, my friend, can do anything.” — Unknown


Great work in your first week of SunzOutGunzOut!  We’ve seen a lot of use in Wodify Rise and we want to see you keep it up!  Most days of the week have the same activities to choose in Wodify Rise, but make sure to check on the weekends when your weekly challenges pop up!


Traveling during the warmer months?  Check out this post from She Thrives on staying on track outside of your routine.


For this week in SOGO you still have 20 min run/30 min bike/45 min hike/walk plus your two pull-up workouts, now we add in…



L1 – 50 elevated

L2 – 100

L3 – 150


Try to get them in in big sets throughout the week.  Remember, all or nothing by the end of the week with your fitness challenge!


Need to get in some bonus points this week?  Lots of opportunities this week:


Running Workshop with Coach Mary at UT Tuesday Evening at 6:30.  Coach Mary has coached numerous athletes to their first race from 5ks to 100 miles, and she has also completed multiple races at all these distances and even had qualifying times for many high level races around the country.  Come learn from one of the best in running at Tom Black Track on Tuesday evening!


Kettlebell Workshop with Coach Jonathan 6 p.m. at North on Wednesday.  Coach Jonathan competes at the top levels of Kettlebell Sport and is part of CrossFit HQ’s Seminar Staff for Kettlebell Workshops.  He teaches other coaches how to teach effective and proper kettlebell technique.  Come learn from one of the best around!


CrossOvery Symmetry 11a.m. at West Saturday – get those shoulders healthy!  Come learn how to add this routine into your daily routine.


Get your meal prep on this week!

Try out this frittata for breakfast this week!


The Week


Monday – Spin Doctor


Kick off the week with a 16 min AMRAP of double unders, wallballs, and kettlebell swings.  Pick something you can do 20+ reps unbroken.


Tuesday – Play Dead


AMRAPs in 5 min today!  Deadlifts and burpees. The weight goes up and reps go down with each round.  Also, you have a run buy-in, so you gotta move!


Wednesday – Under the Lights


Today’s Olympic lifting movement will be hang squat cleans.  Work up to a heavy single or practice catching low and maintaining tension.  Follow it up with an ascending AMRAP of hang squat cleans and toes to bar.


Thursday – Half and Half


Work with a partner to get through 8 rounds of rowing and sand bag runs.  Alternate every round.


Friday – TKO


Come out of the rack today to build to a heavy double on overhead squats.  Mechanics are the primary motivator here, not weight!  Follow that with a chipper of calorie row, chest to bar pull-ups, power snatches, overhead squats, and full snatches.


Saturday – Hurricane


Three simple rounds of 800 m runs and 21 power cleans.  Power clean weight should be something a little heavier than what you use for Grace.