Week In Preview, May 2nd, 2021

“As you think, so shall you become.” 

 – Bruce  Lee

 You’ve heard all the excuses of why your friends can’t do Crossfit. Their excuses often sound something like this…


“Crossfit is dangerous.”

“I’m too out of shape.”

“I’ve got injuries.”

“I don’t think I’d be able to learn.”

I’m too old for that.”

“Do the coaches know CPR?”

At CFK, we don’t just coach functional movement. Our goal is to inspire a healthier community by proving that fitness can be fun. Whether someone’s goal is to lose 5 pounds or add 100 more to the bar the CFK staff can lend a hand. Grab your friends so our gym can be a part of their journey too!

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Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  –  Belly Buster

Our workout today won’t be for score, but we will challenge our midline with some moderately heavy deadlifts and abmat sit-ups. Our other goal should be to go unbroken on our double-unders across all 5 rounds of the workout.

It’s shoulder pump central on day 1. We have a shoulder press and ring row ladder.



Crossfit  – Legs and Lats

It’s a great day to start gaining confidence with butterfly or kipping pull-ups. Our workout includes an ascending and descending ladder of chest-to-bar pull-ups and goblet squats. We’ll be able to rest our arms during the goblet squats to set us up for big sets on the pull-up bar.

This workout will feel like a punch in the gut! We have 7 rounds of burpees and rowing. If you aren’t dry heaving after this one you did it wrong!



Crossfit  – Coach’s Choice

Our workout today begins with six sets of heavy push-press broken up with your coach’s favorite assistance exercise. If you love your coach now you may not love them later! Our workout is combines 200 meter running intervals with a dumbbell complex of a alternating dumbbell snatch to a push press.

Bring an extinguisher for your legs you’ll need it. We’ve got air squats, rowing, plate ground to overhead, and sit-ups.


Crossfit – 25 Minutes of Quality

Our workout today won’t have athletes feeling pressured by the clock. We’ll be focusing on the lunge pattern as well as toes-to-bar, rowing, and box jumps.

Our dual ascending and descending ladder today will both prioritize hip extension as well as trunk flexion. We have sit-ups and double dumbbell deadlifts.


Crossfit  – Wall Sits and Sweat Angels

Our workout for today will have three separate 5 minute running clocks. Each running clock will start with 40/30 calories on the rower or bike followed by a 30 second wall sit. Upon completion of the wall sit athletes will either perform plate ground to overheads, burpees, or a rope climbing variation.

***LEG PROTECTION NEEDED (Long Socks, Athletic Pants, or Knee Sleeves)

Our buy-in for today’s workout is an 800 meter run followed by a few rounds of kettlebell swings, push-ups, and double-unders.



 8am Crossfit – Benchmark Workout “Cloudkicker”

There’s about nothing in Crossfit more “Womanly” or “Manly” than Bear Complex. That’s what we’ve got in today’s WOD.  Athletes should expect to get lots of practice with the barbell as well as spend some time on their feet running 400s. Level 2 will perform a heavy single bear complex prior to the conditioning.

We might see a major shift in today’s burn attendance! Our regular Crossfit members may find their way over to Burn class today for this fun workout. Today’s Crossfit open style workout is an ascending ladder of alternating dumbbell snatches with burpee box jump-overs.