Week In Preview May 26th, 2019

“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” — George Lorimer

Supplement Spotlight – M3 Magnesium

What doesn’t it do? M3 promotes protein synthesis, regulates blood pressure and glucose, and aids in muscle and nerve function. It is a staple supplement used in muscular contraction, including regulating heart beat. Magnesium can be found naturally in foods such as nuts, seeds, and leafy greens, but the quantities necessary to get an efficient amount are a little excessive. Do you eat 380g of spinach a day? About 48% of people are M3 deficient. You don’t have to be one of them! Take Puori M3 and sleep soundly.


“Just to share a little something that has changed me here at CrossFit after several years of complaining about how sore I am after I workout. The kind of soreness you experience after you workout for the first time in a month or even a year. I guess it pays to listen to our coaches! I seriously could tell a difference after a week. My sleep is better, my immune system is better, and the biggest difference is the soreness. I can now get up out of bed the next day after a WOD and not worry about how to get on and off the toilet after squat day or Wallballs!”

-West Athlete, Kacy Robinson


Upcoming Events:

Bristol Burnout

On Saturday, July 27th Bristol Motor Speedway is hosting a functional fitness RX partner challenge. Teams of 2 can register for the event for110.00 dollars. However, prices will increase June 1st so plan on booking as soon as possible.

Weekly WODs:


Monday – Annual Memorial Day “Murph”


Lt. Michael Murphy’s actions on June 28th 2005 were highlighted through his physical fitness, perseverance, and courage. We will honor Lt. Murphy’s extraordinary sacrifice and those of other fallen veterans with our annual “Murph” WOD which consists of running, pushups, and pull-ups. If you need to get into the right mindset for the workout watch the movie “Lone Survivor” with Mark Wahlberg.


Tuesday – Partner Interval Rowing


Want MORE?  Feeling sore? If you completed Monday’s workout we will be using Tuesday as active recovery day. Plan on performing some much needed post-Murph mobility work paired with partner rowing. If you didn’t get your “Murph” on Monday then expect to crush some intervals on the rower.

Wednesday – Squat Cycle (Week 6)


There are many reasons to not skip leg day. Squats are critical for the stimulating the release of muscle-building and fat incinerating hormones.  Test day for our current cycle is quickly approaching!

Thursday – Push Jerk Priority

Lifting heavy objects overhead is a fundamental life skill. In today’s workout we will be increasing our athletic performance and coordination through a two part strength and conditioning workout with a focus on the push jerk.

Friday – Overhead Squats, Snatches, and “Nancy”


The snatch and overhead squat will be highlighted in our skill work today.  We will finish our day with the benchmark workout “Nancy”. We will have an additional fitness option that includes front squats and power cleans if overhead movements aren’t your thing!

Saturday Community WOD – Kettle-bell Ladder


Names such as Booty Blaster, Booty Bootcamp, and Bun Blaster define this WOD. We will be using russian kettlebell swings, burpees, and goblet squats to bring gains to the posterior chain.

Saturday Level 2 – Let the Gains begin!


Bring your friends and your tank tops to chest day! We have a two part workout consisting of heavy bench presses, and a workout that will challenge our legs with deadlifts, burpees, kettlebell swings, and a kettle-bell run.