Week In Preview, May 23rd, 2021

“Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay.”

 – Barack Obama


Memorial Day, May 31 (One WOD, Each Location) + Post-Murph Party at West

North Location: 8:00 am

West Location: 9:00 am

*All CFK members are welcome! CrossFit, Burn, CFKGo, Weightlifting, if you have a CFK membership, we hope you join us for the WOD. We’ll have scaling options for everyone, regardless of skill and fitness level

When the Murph WOD is complete we’ll be hanging out at West until around noon for some food and fun. It’ll be Potluck style, BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) for the grill, bring your own sides, CFK will supply some ice-cold ones to sip on, but if you have a personal preference, feel free to bring that too!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  –  21 Minute Toaster

Your abs will get some special attention in today’s workout. We have an alternating EMOM of knees to chest, crossbody mountain climbers and assault bike. Don’t be scared to push the pace on the bike.

On day 1 we’ll be getting a hard start to the week. Athletes should expect to see bike sprints, dumbbell squats, and lots of burpees. You’ll be breathing fire during this one! 


Crossfit  – Pull, Jerk, Run

Today we’ll kick off our workout with a strength complex of 2 deadlifts, 2 power cleans, and one jerk. Our workout will tax the shoulders and lungs as we chip away at pull-ups, clean and jerks, running, and up-downs over the bar.

Our conditioning workout can be as hard as you want to make it. In our EMOM we have rower calories, sit-ups, and ring rows.


Crossfit  – Wave Loading Leg Day

Our strength piece for today comes in the form of wave loaded back squats. In this style of training the intent is to make the first wave as a warm-up for the second wave of the same rep scheme. Our conditioning will finish off the legs with dumbbell front squats and hand-release push-ups.

It’s thrusters and running today! Our goal is to stay unbroken on the thrusters and push the pace on the 200 meter runs.


Crossfit –  Core Crushing Sweat Session

Today’s workout will be a long sweat session of core work and rowing. We have Turkish get-ups, dumbbell hollow flutter kicks, and plate ground to overhead.

You’ll have a little bit of everything in today’s conditioning. Our 10 minute AMRAP includes box dips,  tuck-ups, dumbbell deadlifts, and box jump-overs.



Crossfit  – Benchmark WOD “Rannie”

Today’s benchmark workout is a twist on the the classic “Annie” workout that we all love. Athletes will do the normal “Annie” workout of sit-ups and double-unders with a 400 meter run after each set.

It’s return of the partner WOD. Each athlete group will accumulate 3000 meters on the rower. While one partner is rowing the other partner will be working on other “exciting” activities!



 8am Crossfit / Level 2

Level 2 and 8am have an awesome 10 minute AMRAP to finish up the training week. Athletes will need to find a barbell weight today for the workout that they can complete 10 reps of unbroken push press without much stress. Other movements in the workout include back rack lunges and plate ground to overhead.

Our level 2 class will get a nice push-pull finisher of dumbbell bench press and dumbbell rows.

Our interval style workout will be performed on a five minute running clock. Every five minutes an athlete will complete wall balls, running, up-downs, and dumbbell hang power cleans.
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