Week In Preview – May 1st, 2017

Congrats to everyone who crushed some competitions this weekend!  We had teams at River Rukus, and multiple athletes running half-marathons and Spartan Races.  Way to use your fitness outside of the gym.

May is here!  Spring is in the air!  And we all know what that means:


Murph is one of the most well known Hero WODs out there.  Every year on Memorial Day thousands of gyms around the country do this workout consisting of

1 mile run

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 air squats

1 mile run

And Rx wears a 20 lb weight vest.  For more information on why we do Murph and the history of the workout, check out this page.  If you want to start prepping for the workout, start adding in some push-ups every day.  Try to get in 3 sets first thing in the morning, max effort, Monday through Friday, rest on the weekends.  If you do elevated push-ups, find a level where you can get in 5 perfect push-ups and work there until you can move closer and closer to the floor.

If you haven’t already checked it out, go over to this blog to see a couple upcoming opportunities to do some 5ks at the beginning of May!

Also, in case you missed the announcement last week, CFK Athlete Shannon Beasley is competing at USAW Nationals the second week in May!  If you’d like to help support her and get a sweet t-shirt, follow this link and donate by the end of May 1st.  We’ll be posting a link to the webcast as soon as it becomes available.

This week we have another demo day this week at West during the 4:30 and 5:30 classes for Ebars!  Boxes will be sold at a discount as well.  Look for more info to come!

Now for your week!

Monday – Snatch and Run

Only 2 rounds.  20 light hang power snatches followed by an 800 meter run.  Try to hold onto the bar the whole time, then non-stop on the run!  Follow it up with some gymnastics work!

Tuesday – Pulling Strength

Start with explosive pulling, working up to a 3RM power clean, then follow with working up to a heavy 3, not necessarily a max, on deadlifts.  Movement patterns are slightly different here, so be aware!  Get in some core work at the end.

Wednesday – Filthy 50!

A classic workout from crossfit.com!  You’ve got 10 different movements at 50 reps each.  Scaling options will include the Dirty 30 or Twisted 20.  It’s going to be a grind, but it should be fun, too!

Thursday – Twisted Strength

Today will be an oddball strength workout and throw you for a loop!  We’ve often done the style of every 4 minutes for 5 rounds do some work then rest.  Today it will be push jerks and 2 legless rope climbs.  However, the weight on the push jerk should keep going up every round while the reps go down from 5-1.  Interesting and fun!

Friday – Triplet Chipper

This one will get nasty!  Make sure to keep the abs and back tight or you’ll pay for it!  Row 1k, then 50 back squats at 135/95 with the goal of going unbroken or just 2 sets, then 30 single arm DB/KB snatches.  Again, stay tight!

Saturday – Partner Sprints

10 rounds EACH of 6 toes to bar, 10 double KB front squats, and a 100 m sprint.  Rest while your partner works, but move fast!  Unbroken all day.

Having trouble with all this front rack work and overhead squats?  What about just hanging from the bar?  It could be thoracic mobility!  Check out this video from our friends at Barbell Shrugged for some tips!


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