Week In Preview May 19th, 2019

“Head first towards the uncomfortable.”

— Brent Fikowski


EBAR BOGO – This Week Only

This week, buy one Man or Woman bar and get one free! Made from UDSA Certified Organic ingredients, each bar contains 10g of protein and make for a quick snack when time is tight and the belly is empty. Enjoy them while they last as this will be the last opportunity to try these flavors.


Upcoming Events:

Memorial Day “Murph”

We’re officially 8 days away from Memorial Day, which at CFK means our annual Murph WOD! We’ll run a single workout at each location, starting at 9 am. Put this on your calendar, and come out to honor our heroes by sacrificing a little sweat with your friends.


Don’t have 100 pull-ups? No problem! Just like any other CFK workout, Murph is scalable to ANY level. Try 1/2 Murph with ring rows and elevated pushups, 3/4 Murph, partner Murph, or just get as much work done in an hour as possible!


EMOM Nutrition

We’ve partnered up with Corey Church and EMOM nutrition! Corey’s first nutrition workshops at CFK will be held June 8 (North), and June 22 (West) at 8 am. These are free and open to the public and are scheduled right before the 9 am Community WOD, so come out and listen, then get your Saturday sweat on! Stay tuned for details on our summer nutrition challenge with EMOM Nutrition, starting soon!

Weekly WODs:

Monday – Pick your Poison


To start our week off we will have two WOD options. If you’re in the weightlifting mood, hit a heavy single on the Power snatch, then the classic benchmark WOD “Isabel”. If you need a cardio burn after the weekend, try the CFK Triathlon. If you’re doing the triathlon, bring a watch or time yourself on your phone. We’ll all do a general warm-up, then split to tackle our WOD of choice.

Tuesday – Lead Foot


We have interval training today with a combination of rowing, burpees, and gymnastics.  As with any intense interval workout we want to push our limits within the shorter timeframes.

Wednesday – Squat Cycle (Week 5)


Squat day has become slightly heavier this week. We will be looking to  dial in our positioning as we inch our way to test week.  Following the squats we will have some accessory work that will test our core strength with odd objects.

Thursday – Train Wreck


You can never get too much tabata!  We will be bringing the heat in a pair of tabata workouts that test our skills with sandbags and build our pushing endurance for Murph.

Friday – Smooth Criminal


If you enjoy lifting  heavy things and putting them down, then today is your day in this two part workout! The strength portion will allow us to build to a heavy deadlift, and prep us for the lighter work in the WOD.  Smooth Criminal is a perfect time to work on the elusive double under as well as your wall ball technique.

Saturday – Community WOD


Share your love of the CFK community with a friend, family member, or someone from work. The 9am class will include running, box jumps, and man-makers. If you haven’t done a man-maker before then it is a great opportunity to learn alongside a friend!

Saturday Level 2 – Mountain Dew


This week’s level 2 workout will prioritize skill work on the push jerk and rope climb. Can’t climb the rope? No Problem. We can get you there through scaling. The practice will be followed by 4 rounds running, box jump overs, and rope climbing.