Week In Preview, May 16th, 2021

“There are some values that you should never compromise on to stay true to yourself; you should be brave to stand up for what you truly believe in even if you stand alone.”

 – Roy T. Bennett


Memorial Day, May 31 (One WOD, Each Location) + Post-Murph Party at West

North Location: 8:00 am

West Location: 9:00 am

*All CFK members are welcome! CrossFit, Burn, CFKGo, Weightlifting, if you have a CFK membership, we hope you join us for the WOD. We’ll have scaling options for everyone, regardless of skill and fitness level

When the Murph WOD is complete we’ll be hanging out at West until around noon for some food and fun. It’ll be Potluck style, BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) for the grill, bring your own sides, CFK will supply some ice-cold ones to sip on, but if you have a personal preference, feel free to bring that too!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  –  Muscle Up Buttercup

The shoulders are gonna get their fair share of work in today. We have a three round workout of ring muscle-ups paired with overhead squats. The idea of this workout is to pick a vertical pulling option that you can move with confidence through. In the workout, you shouldn’t be standing around staring at the rings! Pick wisely.

Don’t leave your legs at home! You’ll need them. We have an 18 minute AMRAP of air squats, running, and box jumps. 


Crossfit  – Murph Prep Sweat Session

Our workout is a long grinder in EMOM format. Today’s workout combines some of the movements you’ll see in Murph including running and push-ups. Additional movements include v-ups and tuck-ups. The reps for the push-ups should be performed with great technique throughout the entire workout.

It’s time to dust off the dumbbells in today’s burn. Our three round workout has dumbbell deadlifts, sit-ups, hang power cleans and up-downs.


Crossfit  – Hinge/Pull

It’s all hinges and pulls today in our workout. We kick class off with 5 sets of 5 sumo deadlifts as we build to a heavy set of 5. Our conditioning will have a lot of hinging. We have dumbbell up-downs, dumbbell sumo deadlifts, and box jumps. You’ll be contemplating if your feet will clear the box after all these posterior chain dominant dumbbell movements.

Kettlebell pump session headed your way! We have alternating kettlebell lunges, push-ups, and Russian Swings in our EMOM today.


Crossfit –  Strict Strength Day

We’ve got lots of sweat and strength planned for today’s workout. Our workout is three 8-minute EMOMs with an athlete’s choice cardio option, pull-ups, and strict press.

Today’s back builder is an interval style workout of ring rows, rower calories, and wall balls.



Crossfit  – Single-Leg Showdown

Your legs will most likely be quivering on the ride home from the gym today. We’ll start class today with EMOM of pistol practice and get the joints moving for our conditioning. Today’s workout is a descending ladder of burpees, single dumbbell box step-ups, and double-unders.

Today’s workout will be fun because we’ll be rocking out with the alternating sit-through. Other movements include biking and dumbbell push press.


 8am Crossfit

“Holleyman” must have been a “bad mamma jamma” because today’s workout is! We’ll have a short warm-up and get right after our workout in both level 2 and Crossfit. We will be performing 20 rounds of snatches, handstand push-ups, and wall balls. Fear not! We also have an additional five rounds of air squats and wall ball ground to overheads.

Level 2 will prep for the conditioning with a snatch pull and power snatch complex.

Today’s workout is triple the fun with triple the amount of AMRAPs. Athletes will be getting after some burpees, plate ground to overhead and plate hops.