Week in Preview – May 14, 2018

“Do.  Or do not.  There is no try.” -Master Yoda



Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms around our gym!  We’re amazed by all you do in getting in your fitness with kids schedules and even through pregnancies!  Keep being amazing!




Great job making it this far!  Don’t forget to use the Wodify Rise app to log your points.  If you forget one day, you can go back one day and adjust.  Remember, this is helping YOU evaluate where you are.


225-300 = I kicked some serious butt at life and fitness! (changes in my body and fitness should be very obvious)

190-224 = I did pretty well but see where I can still build some better habits.

125-189 = I should prioritize ME and my fitness more and learn to use tools like Travel Workouts and Meal Prepping to make it happen!

< 125 = I would like to sit down with a coach and learn what I can do better. I’m here for a reason and need some guidance.


This week you still have your endurance portion (see the week ahead for an extra option!), get your pull-ups in, get in the push-ups you did this past week, and now…..




That’s right, good ole air squats.


L1 – 150

L2 – 200

L2 – 250


We’re looking for big sets here because we’re preparing for Murph!  Can you do sets of 25-50?  What’s more important, can you do perfect squats?  If you really want to up your game and have the best, healthiest squat around, take 5-8 minutes to read this article from the CrossFit Journal about the squat.


Murph Shirts


Since we are preparing for Murph in just a couple weeks, we’re also getting shirts!  Pre-order only, as usual.  We will also have sample sizes at each location this week to make sure you get the right size.  They will cost $30 and $10 from each shirt will go to the CFK Red Friday-Travis Manion Fund.


Submit orders to [email protected] before the end of the week!



SOGO Workshops


More bonus opportunities available!  And these aren’t just for points, but to help make a difference in your training and life going forward.


Saturday 19th – Muscle up workshop!  Come learn how you can get closer to a muscle up out West at 11:30 a.m.


Saturday 19th– Baseline Nutrition 9 a.m. at West.  Ask questions and learn how to incorporate the right choices as you continue forward.


Sunday 20th-Grocery shopping with Coach Sara.  Learn how to make the right choices at the store and stay on track.


Saturday 26th– Digestion Workshop, get the most out of your food!


Remember, our workshops are always free to everyone in the community, so if you want to introduce someone to CrossFit through nutrition or a workshop, bring them along!


The Week


Monday – Fran


That’s right!  One of the most iconic CrossFit workouts, possibly the first one ever performed.  It’s Fran!  21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups going as fast as you can.  Time cap 7 minutes.  Goal is sub 4, and eventually….sub 2?


Tuesday – Jerry


After Monday’s sprint with Fran, today we get in a lot of conditioning with the Hero WOD Jerry.  1 mile run, 2k row, 1 mile run.  Time cap 30 min.  The goal should be to run around an 8 min mile on the first run in order to have something left toward the end.




We know you may want to skip a long, monostructural day, but we’ll make a deal!  Don’t skip today and you can count it toward your SOGO endurance piece this week!


Also, as we do have Murph coming up, consider wearing a weight vest for the runs if you have one.


Wednesday – Power Outage


A similar design to last Wednesday:  5 min AMRAPs with a buy in.  This time it’s 100 double unders every round as the buy in, then power cleans and burpees!  This time around you’ll know better how to push on this workout and how to scale it.  Remember, pick something on the weights that allows you to do all the rounds unbroken.


Thursday – Meat Paws


Four rounds of rowing, toes to bar, and hang power snatches.  Make sure to trim those calluses!  This will be grip intensive for sure.


Friday – Friend-ship


Twenty min AMRAP of 200 meter runs and 2 rounds of STRICT Cindy.  What a great way to practice for Murph!  Throw that vest on if you dare, but remember, strict pull-ups today!


Saturday – Mixed Bag


Teams of 3 work through sang bag runs alternating with barbell work. 100 deadlifts, 80 hang power cleans, 60 front squats, 40 push jerks, and 20 clusters.