Week in Preview May 12th, 2019

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” — Steve Jobs

Are you a vegan athlete struggling to hit your protein goal or does “Whey make you Pay?”

Try a Bro Scoop of Transparent Labs USDA Organic Rice & Pea Vegan Protein on us this week! With 24g of protein per serving, it is optimal for all athletes whether the goal is to lose, gain, or maintain without the mid-day whey bloat. TPL proteins are non GMO and free of artificial sweeteners, gluten, and food dyes, making them a clean brand for your post workout shake. We recommend post workout protein  because it reduces soreness, and helps you build muscle and recover faster.


Monday – Handlebars

Day 1 of this week we have 4 rounds running, toes to bar, and clean and jerks.  Maintain core tension on the toes to bar, and squeezing the butt at the bottom are critical. Following the metcon we will finish with tabata pushups.


Tuesday – Squat Day (Week 4)


We will be adding  weight this week. However, the bar should still be moving with relative ease. We will continue to focus on every rep of every set. You asked for it and it is here…. tire flips, rope climbs, and single arm front-rack kettle-bell carries.


Wednesday – Waterlogged


Following 1,000 meters on the rower you will complete 3 sets of dumbell snatches and burpee box jumps with descending reps. This will be a fun workout to throw some weight around. As always focus on control of the jump and land.


Thursday- Skippy

Deadlift days don’t come around often, but Thursday we will be incorporating them into a 15 minute metcon. This triplet will consist of situps, deadlifts, and double unders.  Thursday’s focus will be to prioritize bracing and “organizing the spine” before lifting the bar. As you progress through the rounds the weight on the bar will increase.


Friday- Spaceship


If you enjoyed Boat Race, Spaceship will also give us an opportunity to spends some quality time running and rowing.  A slower pace running will allow us to transition into an intense pace on the rower which is followed by even more murph prep during the course of the workout.


Saturday- Community WOD

Saturday’s community WOD is an excellent time to introduce your friends to the community at CFK. We will be rowing, and performing multiple dumbell movements within a 5 min AMRAP. Don’t worry we will be able to keep the intensity high while keeping the weights low.


Level 2- Sleep Walk

Kick your Saturday off the right way with a quality AMRAP that incorporates handstand walks and hollow rocks. We will also be working to a heavy single for a hang power clean and hang squat clean complex. The strength portion will be followed by a 3 person team workout that includes assault bikes, overhead squats, hang squat cleans, and thrusters,