Week In Preview, March 8th, 2020

“As an elite athlete, there are only five things that you can truly control — your training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindset. If it doesn’t fall into one of those categories, I tell my athletes, forget about it. Control the things you can control, and ignore everything else.”
-Ben Bergeron

CFK Event Spotlight:

Shoulder Strength and Mobility Band Training

Why should I use Strength and Mobility Bands in my training?

Gaining stability and strength in overhead positions is critical to many of the movements we do in crossfit. Shoulder Strength and Mobility bands  can also help restore postural issues. If you’ve ever overthrown a snatch, chances are that you have experienced discomfort in your scapula (shoulder blade). These bands not only assist the primary movers of the shoulder, but play a pivotal role in establishing control within the smaller muscles that stabilize the shoulder. Band training will allows you to shore up your weaknesses and provide a stable platform for your overhead movements. If you have any shoulder pain, the banded recovery series can assist in alleviation of shoulder pain.  Both locations are now carrying strength and mobility bands for purchase! Get them before they are gone!


Upcoming Events:

CF2 Workout at North 

Saturday, March 14th


North Schedule

Tri-Star Weightlifting – Open Gym (workouts will be posted in the gym)

Community WOD – Performing CF2 Workout from 9:15am-11:30am

Level 2 – Performing CF2 Workout from 9:15am-11:30am

West Schedule

Weightlifting – Normal Schedule

Community WOD – 9:00am

Level 2 – Cancelled


How to Register & purchase T-shirt: Click HERE (both team members must register individually)

Cost: $40/athlete (includes event t-shirt!) – 100% of all proceeds donated to CFF!!

$20 for event only – no t-shirt

$25 for t-shirt only – no event)

Habitat For Humanity –  Volunteers Still Needed

Saturday, March 21st

Habitat for Humanity logo

We believe in serving others in our community, but we need your help! We are excited to assist Habitat for Humanity by helping them to raise exterior framing at a local build site. We will be assisting with this project from 8am – 12:30pm at the Charles Drive location. We are still looking for a few volunteers ( 15 total).  All volunteers are welcome!

*If you would like to help with this awesome event please register and create your own individual account.

The link can be found HERE

Weekly WODs:


Monday – Johnny Bravo

Want cartoon quality lats? We have you covered. We have heavy deadlifts, ring muscle-ups, and box jumps to start your week off.  We’ll be recruiting a lot of muscle today while developing sound hinging mechanics, and challenging our strict pulling strength.

Tuesday – Bonding Experience

We highly encourage you to stretch after today’s WOD. We have a partner workout of calories on the bike or rower, syncronized walking lunges, and kettlebell front rack holds. We’ll stay syncronized on the lunges, but take turns cranking out calories on the bike.

Wednesday – Squat Day

The barbells should be slowing down this week as we build 5 more pounds. We’ll perform our regular squat cycle workout, and follow it up with a spicy conditioning workout of lightweight overhead squats, kickbacks, and knees to elbow.

Thursday – Burn Baby Burn

We’ll knock the dust off the ropes this week with an awesome ascending rep workout. If your looking to get a good upper body workout today’s conditioning workout will meet your needs. We have double unders, kettle-bell swings, and push-ups. Our goal is to scale the push-up efficiently today in order to stay moving!

Friday – Prioritize your Pacing

Our focus today is establishing proper pacing for different interval runs. We will be performing 2 alternating EMOMs. Get ready for lots of fast paced movement by performing interval runs, slam balls, box step ups, and dumbbell kickbacks.

Saturday Community WOD

Find a buddy and come to our free 9am workout. Our 14 minute workout includes a partner relay run, Russian swings, and wall balls. However, if you are visiting our North location get ready to row and perform thrusters during our CF2 workout.

Saturday L2  – Cancelled at West

Today’s workout will make you move large loads, long distances, quickly. We have thrusters and chest to bar pull-ups. We also have a challenging pre-workout buy-in.  Each Athlete will have a 100 wall-ball buy-in before getting started on the pull-ups and thrusters. These are days we get better! Get after it!