Week in Preview – March 5th, 2018

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do” — John Wooden


Week 2 of the Open is almost out as week 3 begins!  Make sure to get in the workout.  Remember, the gym that has the highest participation after week 4 will get to host week 5!


9 years strong


Did you know that CFK has been around for 9 years?  Come celebrate with us!  The date will be St. Patty’s day and we’ll get you more details ASAP!


Puori Demos


Make sure to check out the Puori demos the next two days at the gym!  Try out some of the cleanest supplements on the market.  In fact, PW1 Vanilla was just rated the cleanest protein by a 3rd party researcher!

The Week


Monday – 18.2!


The second installment of the CrossFit Open is here!  It’s an ascending ladder of dumbbell squats and bar facing burpees from 1 to 10.  Time cap is 12 minutes.  If you finish before 12 minutes, find a 1 RM clean!  Just like last week, we’ll run two heats per class so we can judge each other.


Tuesday – Fast Lane


Snatch drills to start the class, but no misses today!  Work on the technique for heavier lifts down the road.  After that hit up the WOD Fast Lane with 20 box jump overs, 30 power snatches 40 overhead squats and a 35/25 cal row or bike.


Wednesday – Downpour


Three rounds of rowing, power cleans, and double unders.  Pick a steady pace so you can keep moving.  If you sprint the first round it’ll be hard to keep after the next two!


Thursday – Squat Day


Add 5 lbs from last week!  Between sets we’ll have 5×5 strict presses.


Friday – SWAT Shuffle


Grab a marker board to write this all down!  Alternate running and farmers carries with tire flips and rope climbs in between!

100 M Run
50 M Farmers Carry
200 M Run
100 M Farmers Carry
400 M Run
200 M Farmers Carry
200 M Run
100 M Farmers Carry
100 M Run
50 M Farmers Carry
*Complete 5 Tire Flips or 2 rope climbs before every run.


Saturday – 18.3

Hitting the halfway point of the Open!  Keep up your hard work!