Week In Preview – March 26, 2018

“Refuse to allow the success of others to make you believe you are inferior; their success doesn’t mean you’re a failure…Learn from them. Be inspired by them. And use it as fuel to work harder, be smarter, and train better.” — Justin Su’a



Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate the end of the Open and 18.5!  We had a blast as a community.  Let’s not wait a whole year to do it again!  There are already some talks of a shrimp boil this fall…

CFK Games

The Games are coming!  Take 1 week to recharge and recover and get ready to throw down at the CFK Games next Saturday, April 7th!  If you’re not competing, come out and cheer everyone on!  We’ll need volunteers and judges.

The Week


Monday – 18.5!


It has come to an end!  This is the last workout of the 2018 CrossFit Open!  Get in and crush it!  Thrusters and pull-ups for all!


Tuesday – Hang Ten


Take the beginning of class to work up to a heavy triple on hang power cleans, then move on to a 10 min AMRAP of hang power cleans, sit-ups, and double unders.  Try to move at a steady pace!


Wednesday – Squat Day!


Reset back to your 75% for 5×5 back squats!  In between perform strict press and barbell rows.


Thursday -Field Day


Rotate through stations for 30 minuts of tire flips, ski sprints, rope climbs, bike sprints, farmers carries, and sled pushes!  All the quirky toys today!


Friday – Engine Room


Build to a heavy single for a paused front squat!  Focus on technique, not load.  Knees out, chest up!  Follow up with some interval work.  Every 3 minutes, perform 300/250 m row and 9 front squats.  5 rounds.


Saturday – Toe Drag


Teams of 3 complete a 25 min AMRAP of toes to bar, burpees, and wall balls.  50 reps of each.  And a 2400 m run buy in!