Week In Preview, March 21st, 2021

“Success seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. ”    

– Denzel Washington


Supplement Spotlight

Puori C3

We love Puori products because we know what we’re getting inside the bottle. Puori only uses the purest  of ingredients, and is free from heavy metals that other products may contain. Puori’s C3 is a potent concoction of three sources of vitamin C. C3’s powerful vitamin C supplement is sourced from rose hips, acerola berry, and goji berry. This product also includes an energy blend of Yerba mate powder and polyphenol rich ginseng.

Vitamin C is not only an important immune booster, but plays important roles in other bodily functions as well. Some of these functions include bone formation, gum health, and targeting harmful free radicals. Make sure to pick up a bottle at the end of your next WOD!



Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  -Barbells and Burpees

Our workout for today is a benchmark workout you may have seen before. “Point Break” is an ascending and descending ladder of front squats and bar facing burpees. It’s all lungs and legs for this one!


It’s all about pacing on day 1. We have 4 rounds for reps of max burpees, dumbbell snatch, and ring rows.


Crossfit  – Pace Trainer

In today’s high-skill strength component we’ll be dialing in the catch position of the snatch. Our focus for the strength piece will be receiving the bar with great stability in a deeper power position than normal. Our goal for today’s conditioning is to find a challenging but sustainable effort for 15 minutes.  Athletes should expect to see dumbbell snatches, tuck-ups, and bike calories.


Don’t forget your running shoes because that’s about all we’ll be doing today. Keep in mind “The things you do the least usually provide the most”.


Crossfit – Booty and The Beast

We’ve planned some lower body destruction for day 3. The glutes and quads will be toast after our strength and conditioning today. Our pre-workout strength session will fire up the posterior chain with single-leg glute bridges and dynamic supermans. Our conditioning includes two sets of rowing, wall balls, and double-unders.


We’ve got 15 minutes of pure explosiveness planned for burn. Our workout includes single dumbbell clean and jerks, box jumps, and sit-ups.


Crossfit –  Make Intention Your Intensity

The saying goes “Move Well, Move Often”. The goal of today’s training session is to move with great mechanics. Many athletes gloss over the fact that intensity can be chased through intention. Today we’ll be looking for great movement as we flow through 3 quality sets of Turkish get-ups, slam balls, bent over rows, and crossbody mountain climbers.


Today’s workout is all about those rowing pains! Our workout includes a 500 meter buy-in and cash-out on the rower. The rowing intervals will be separated by 3 rounds of goblet squats and Russian swings.


Crossfit  – Open 21.3

Get your rest on Thursday night because we’ll be going to war with 21.3 on day 5!


The Burn Open is still going! We’ll see you in class.


 8am Crossfit – Librarian Leg Day

Our workout is 5 rounds for quality of bike calories, up-downs, library deadlifts (sumo or conventional), box jumps, and planks.

10:15am Crossfit – Level 2

 One of our locations will be hosting a re-run of 21.3 and the other location will have a heavy 3-rep sumo deadlift before the regularly programmed Crossfit class conditioning.

We’ve got some big sets coming your way on Saturday. Athletes should choose a weight they can complete 25 reps with of each movement. Our workout includes sumo deadlift high pulls, wall balls, and double-unders. If you don’t have consistent double-unders it’s a great idea to use singles in order to preserve the workout stimulus.