Week in Preview – March 18th, 2019

“CrossFit has created one of the strongest platforms so that girls and women are proud of not simply what their body looks like, but what their body can do.” — Elisabeth Akinwale



Happy Birthday, CFK!


And happy St. Patty’s Day all in one!  10 years ago CrossFit Knoxville moved from Johnny Davis’s garage to a retail space in the Home Depot Shopping center, right next to Radio Shack.  Though the Shack may be gone, we’re holding strong!  It’s been a whirlwind of 10 years, and there are very few affiliates around the world at that milestone.  Want to know more about the changing landscape of CrossFit and what it means to be in that special decade club?  Check out this article from BoxPro Magazine.


And though we’re not at the gym today, show some CFK spirit and wear some green tomorrow!


Transparent Labs


As you should have seen from another e-mail this week we’re bringing on a new supplement line:  Transparent Labs


Their name says it all as to why we like them:  transparency.  Their products don’t have any fillers and they list all of their ingredients.  PLUS if you are curious about what the point of all those things in your pre- and post- workout drink are, they have an excellent resource on their website to explain all of them.  Check it out, and look forward to “Bro Scoop” days!  We’ll have bags out to sample directly into your shaker cup before and after the workouts.




Don’t forget about Friday Night Lights this week!  Both locations will be hosting this year, and we’ll be providing some BBQ!  We just need you to bring some sides, and possibly some brews 😉


Whether you want to do the WOD or not, it will be a big party and we’d love to have you cheering everyone on!


Saturdays are Changing


Have you heard the announcements that our Saturdays are changing?  The new schedule includes an opportunity to bring in more of your friends and family to try out a CrossFit class.  We’ll have a 9:00 a.m. free community WOD every week now on Saturdays!  It’ll be a fun sweat session with lots of bodyweight movements and cardio.  Of course, you’re welcome to always join in to get an early WOD in for the weekend!


At 10:15 we’ll have a more advanced class for our members, but you don’t have to be an advanced athlete to come to it!  It will be a 75 min class with group led mobility at the beginning and end pertaining to the movements of the day.  In the first part of the class we’ll have some skill work related to weightlifting or gymnastics for practice, and we’ll follow with a complimentary metcon using some of those skills.


This all starts this Saturday since we’re doing the Open on Friday night!


Marathon Cheering Station


We have several athletes in our community of CFK who have been training for months for the Knoxville Marathon and Half-Marathon, and even MORE people in our greater Knoxville community who have been working for it.  Let’s cheer them on and be proud of their hard work on Sunday, March 31st!  We have a cheering station in Sequoyah Hills where we stand and scream!  Be there early (7:15ish) because they will close down the roads.



The Week


Monday – 19.4


Two workouts rolled into one!  Remember to move fast on snatches and burpees so that you have time for muscleups/pull-ups and more burpees!  Need a strategy?  Check some of these out!


Want to do the WOD but don’t have Muscle-Ups or maybe pull-ups?  You can switch to the next scaling option down and continue, but your score will be 66 + your tie break time.


Don’t want to repeat?  Your WOD will be “Low Key”


12 min AMRAP

9 Burpee Pull-ups

18 Alternating DB Snatches

27 AbMat Sit-ups


Tuesday – Squat Day


A little bit heavier today and sticking to our 5 min rounds.  We’ll throw some accessory work into the rest time.


Wednesday – 4-wheel drive


Switch it up with a long conditioning piece today!  5 rounds of 4 min AMRAP and 4 min rest of calories on anything, burpee box jumps, and max 10 m shuttle runs in the remaining time.  You guessed it, your score is shuttle runs.


Thursday – Pins and Needles


Start the class by working to a heavy single on Deadlift.  We’ll build in a lot of reps on the front end.  If you haven’t done any heavy pulls in a while, which most of us haven’t, work to something that feels heavy, but probably not a max.


Follow with a 12 min QAMRAP of strict pulll-ups, front squats, and light deadlifts.


Friday – 40 min AMRAP or 19.5


Come in the morning and get in 40 min of 400 m runs, turkish get-ups and perfect push-ups.  Come in the evening to FNL and cheer some people on and possibly get in 19.5!