Week In Preview, March 15th, 2020

“Functional strength is the successful application of force along productive lines.

-Greg Glassman

Coronavirus Update:

The COVID-19 situation is clearly evolving and should be taken seriously. Please read this recent blog post on everything we’re doing at CFK to minimize the germs around the gym.

However, we understand if you feel more comfortable staying home, in which case we’re working hard to provide the tools you need to continue maintaining a high level of activity and keep your body and immune system operating at peak performance, while staying engaged with your CFK family of athletes and coaches.

Starting this week you’ll see a completely re-vamped Home/Travel WOD program, with workouts that only require the use of a backpack. Fill the backpack with household items (water bottles, book, towels, etc.) to make it as heavy or light as necessary, and GET TO WORK!

Check-in on WODIFY to the Home/Travel WOD program (instructions HERE) to log your scores and stay on the 20 Committee! If you have any questions about the workouts, or anything else going on at CFK, just shoot us an email or phone call (865-356-9000).

Lastly, we’re well aware of social distancing practices and their impact on “flattening the curve” of this pandemic. We’ll continue to hold classes at this time, while assessing and keeping you informed as the situation changes.

Stay active & strong CFK!

-Coach Rick


Supplement Spotlight

Puori Immune Package – 20% off

Our good friends at Puori just rolled out a new Vitamin C supplement, C3, designed to boost immune health and antioxidants, so we want to pass along a discounted package to you.


Our D3/C3 package (Vitamin D and Vitamin C) will be sold at 20% off the package price, or $24/package (normally $30 bought individually).


We have a limited supply at each location, so please shoot Coach Rick [email protected] an email to reserve yours, or pick it up at the gym next time you’re in!


Upcoming Events:

Unlock your Mobility

Saturday, March 21st

Mobilize your Shoulders

Coach Wayne and Coach Derrick will be teaching a shoulder mobility seminar at 8am at each location. Come out and learn more about our shoulder mobility bands, and how to use them!


Image result for crossover symmetry

Habitat For Humanity –  Volunteers Still Needed

Saturday, March 21st

Habitat for Humanity logo

We believe in serving others in our community, but we need your help! We are excited to assist Habitat for Humanity by helping them to raise exterior framing at a local build site. We will be assisting with this project from 8am – 12:30pm at the Charles Drive location. We are still looking for a few volunteers ( 15 total).  All volunteers are welcome!

*If you would like to help with this awesome event please register and create your own individual account.

The link can be found HERE

Travis Manion Fundraiser WOD 

Saturday, April 25th

We’re SO EXCITED to be a host gym for the 2020 Manion WOD! All proceeds go to the Travis Manion Foundation, who we’ve supported for a long time through our RED Friday campaign. This is an amazing organization that does wonderful things for veterans and their families, so please register and participate with us in the BRUTAL workout! We’ll do it at both locations, registration links are below.
Image result for travis manion
7 Rounds:
400m Run
29 Back Squats (athlete choice on weight, suggested Rx is 135/95)
Scaling – options for everyone, down to Air Squats and Partner-style workouts!

CFK North Registration: HERE

CFK West Registration: HERE

Weekly WODs:


Monday – Squat Cycle Test Day + “Hello, my legs are Jello”

We will take 15 minutes to build to a heavy 5 or 3 rep max at the beginning of class. The coaches will lay out certain squat parameters to ensure we are moving to basic squat standards for our test.We have something spicy after our squat cycle test day that consists of 100 Wall balls for time. 

Tuesday – “Do Work Tuesday”

Day 2 will consist of 45 minutes of movement. We will have a field day style workout with plenty of different skills and exercises to work on.  Our workout will also give more advanced athletes an opportunity to work on higher skill movements such as bar or ring muscle-ups.

Wednesday – Get Low, Get Sumo

Come pick up some heavy weights with us on day 3! We kick off today’s workout with a strength segment that incorporates sumo style deadlifts. We’ll finish off with an AMRAP of rowing intervals, single dumbbell power cleans, and double-unders.

Thursday – Pace your Pull Day

We have 20 minute EMOM workout that will test your pulling power with renegade rows, rope climbs, toes-to-bar, and bike calories. Our workout is designed to help improve our ability to move at sub-maximal efforts for longer time domains.

Friday – Top Gun

Today is a doozy that will make you dizzy. It’s time to spend some time inverted.  Our WOD is an ascending rep chipper that consists of handstand push-ups, running intervals, and box jumps.


Saturday Community WOD

We have an intense ascending and descending ladder of kickbacks, push-ups, and kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls in today’s workout. Our goal is to effectively scale the push-up to increase intensity. We also need to pick weights on the kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls which will allow us to go unbroken each time.

Saturday L2  – Snatching “Gwen”

The floor is lava, and the barbell can’t touch it. We have snatching “Gwen” today which consists of 36 total unbroken snatches. Our goal today is keeping the barbell close and maintaining efficiency while cycling the barbell. Our conditioning workout will build on this efficiency practice during rowing intervals and power snatches.